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Matters of Record Newsletter Archive

Beginning in January 2020, CHS will publish monthly newsletters that communicate  updates and information to all of Oregon's Vital Records Partners. 

May 2021 Newsletter

Featured Stories

Drop Box Option for Vital Records Orders
New Dashboard for Baby Names
Correcting the Date and Time of Death
Introducing our County Vital Records Work group

April 2021 Newsletter

Featured Stories

FEMA COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Program
Creating Parent/Parent Certificates
Reporting Source of Payment for Delivery
Submitting Accurate and Complete Affidavits
Authenticator App as an Option to Sign or Certify a Death Record
Verify that Correction Affidavits are Accurate and Complete
OVERS Tips - Using the Issuance History
Welcome, Nick Bickford!
Welcome, Dee Humphries!
Welcome, Barbara Campbell!

March 2021 Newsletter

Featured Stories

Notify OVERS When Users Leave
Limiting Use of "Unknown" Values
Add Comments to Birth Records
New! Oregon Mortality Data Dashboards
24-Hour Notice
Welcome, Amy Gehrke!

February 2021 Newsletter

Featured Stories

Birth Corrections Under One Year
Printing AOPs in OVERS
Signing Acknowledgment of Paternity forms at your facility
Vital Records Fees for Oregonians Affected by the Wildfires under Executive Oregon No. 20-35 is set to expire March 1,2021 at 11:59 PM
County Trainings
Information on COVID-19 related deaths

January 2021 Newsletter

Featured Stories

OVERS New Modern Look Reminder
Vital Record Office Closed to the Public
Update to Acceptance of Expired ID's
Notify OVERS When Users Leave
Abandoning a Death Record - Funeral Homes
Connecting to the Right Unit for Your Questions
Stay informed about COVID-19

December 2020 Newsletter

Featured Stories

Modern Look for OVERS
Custom Birth Worksheets
Who is the informant?
Renewal for Registrar and Deputy Registrars
Guidelines for Working from Home
Live Birth Verification for Home Births Without a Licensed Attendant
Counties Sending CHS Security Paper Numbers to Void
Kelly Stacey is Retiring
Introduction for Robyn Hjermstad
Welcome Ron Sarayudej to the OVERS Team!
Stay informed about COVID-19

November 2020 Newsletter

Featured Stories

Leaving Voicemail
Password Reset Guide
New! Oregon Birth and Pregnancy Data Dashboards
Birth Dashboards Quiz
Home Burial Reminder
New OVERS Medical Certifiers and Authenticator App Users
Your Monthly Birth Report
Welcome to the Partners Services Training and Communication Team, Caroline Zanot

October 2020 Newsletter

Featured Stories

Valid ID Required to Purchase Vital Event Records
Vital Records Fees for Oregonians Affected by the Wildfires under Executive Oregon No. 20-35
Welcome to The OVERS Team, Bailey Pederson!
Birth Records Amendments for Children Under One Year of Age
Required Certificates for BIS
CHS Excess Deaths Dashboard
Checking Intaglio Paper
Customers Requests to Change a Marriage Record

September 2020

Featured Stories
Oregon State Vital Records Counters Closed to Public Through December 31, 2020
Welcome to the Amendments Team, Luis Alba-Sanchez
Welcome to the Registration Team, Gretel Bohn
Birth Information Specialists and the Affidavit of Paternity Form
Early Hearing Detection
Clarification for Funeral Directors Using the Authenticator App
Funeral Home Reminder on Pronouncement and Place of Death Page
Correcting the Date of Death
County Training Webinar Announcement
What Cannot Be Done with Working White Copies
Entering Intaglio Paper Numbers

August 2020

Featured Stories
OHA COVID-19 Resources
The State Needs Your Help to Meet Federal Requirements for Paternity Establishment
Deadline to Submit BIS Training Certificates: September 30, 2020
Surrogate Mothers
New Authenticator App for OVERS is Live for Funeral Homes!
Importance of Properly Completing The Veterans Combat Status and Combat Zone Questions
County Quiz

July 2020

Featured Stories
What is WIC?
Paternity Affidavit (Form 45-21) Reminder
BIS Training Certificates Due September 30, 2020!
What is a Freestanding Birth Center?
Encouraging Medical Certifiers to Use OVERS
New Authenticator App for OVERS is Live Next Month for Funeral Homes!
Quick Start Guides for 24-Hour Notices and Final Disposition Authorization
How Parents Can Make Changes to a Birth Record
Final Disposition Form Quick Guide and Check List

June 2020

Featured Stories
OVERS Quick Guide to Prevent Duplicate Records
Comments in OVERS Records are Not Monitored
Collecting COVID-19 Infection (Confirmed or Presumed) on Birth Records
How Parents Can Make Changes to a Birth Record
AOP Training Sessions
BIS Training Reminder
Required Information: Informant
The Importance of Completing an Order in OVERS
References to Death with Dignity Should Not Be on a Death Record

May 2020

Featured Stories
Clarification of How to Report Preeclampsia vs. Eclampsia
Fetal Death Disposition
BIS Training - Deadline Extended!
Home Burial Packet FAQ
How a County Registrar is Appointed
Congratulations Jen Southworth and Welcome Sheryl Wallace

April 2020

Featured Stories
Paternity Establishment
Processing Birth Records at Remote Locations
BIS Training Reminder
Releasing Working Copies to Families
Alternative Authorization for Disposition
County Vital Records Office Closures
Authenticator App Materials
Staffing Shortages and Vital Records Office Closures

March 2020

Featured Stories
BIS Training Reminder
How to Read the Monthly Birth Facility Performance Report
Things to Know About Requesting a Social Security Card
Removal Registration
New Authenticator App for OVERS is Live for Medical Certifiers!
24-Hour Notice Report
Welcome Melissa Shaw!

February 2020

Featured Stories
Working Copy Reminder
Oregon Paternity Establishment Percentage Results for The 2018-2019 Fiscal Year
Submitting a SSA-721 Form, Statement of Death by Funeral Directors
Impact of Unknowns
Newsletter Feedback Survey

January 2020

Featured Stories
Required BIS and Midwife Training
OVERS Updates
Senate Bill 298
New Partner Services Team

October 2018

Featured Stories
Enroll Fingerprints for New OVERS Users
New Password Reset Functionality
County Clerk Report - Now in OVERS
Free Birth Certificates for Persons Who Are Homeless
24-Hour Notice Functionality
Past and Future Trainings and Resources
Employee Biographies

December 2017

Featured Stories
Registrar and Deputy Registrar Commissions
Fee Change Reminder
Make sure you use the correct envelope!
Our website has a new look
Barcode Scanners for County Offices
Amendment tool
Gender-neutral language in vital records
Instructional Memo to County Registrars and Deputy Registrars

June 2017

Featured Stories
Serving our veterans and their families: An updated order form for funeral homes
Adding footnotes to a death certificate
Verification for births and home births without a licensed attendant
New Certificate Paper for Vital Records
New fees effective January 1, 2018
Cynthia Roeser is retiring
After 39 years with the state of Oregon, Carol Sanders retired

December 2016

Featured Stories
A letter from the State Registrar
Every three days
How to review death correction affidavits
Integrity of vital records
What should county registrars or deputies do if they see a death record with information about Death with Dignity?
24-hour Notice of Receipt of Body cards and Authorization for Disposition forms
Important Reminder: The fee is for the search
Business continuity – Personal preparedness

July 2016

Featured Stories
Security paper contract update
New contact person for certificate paper
What paperwork needs to be completed to appoint or remove a County or Deputy Registrar?
Update to OVERS services
Continuity of operations plans
New county webpage available
Upcoming webinars
Attention all Registrars and Deputy Registrars

December 2015

Featured Stories
Vital records fees changing January 1, 2016
New vital records fees mean new forms
New certificate paper
Timely submission of death records
New County Registrar? Let us know
Customer service tip
Notify us of any location changes
New Filiation Specialist

May 2015

Featured Stories
State office construction
RPI - workflow process
Legally sufficient orders in OVERS
Tracking intaglio security paper
What makes a report of death legally sufficient?
Marital status and spouse’s name amendments
Vital records fee increase
Center for Health Statistics loses valued staff member

November 2014

Featured Stories
Faster, smarter, better & less work for you
Where can I get information about Home Burial Packets
Amending the Name of the Funeral Home
Handling Replacement Requests
Registering death records - the big picture
Death Report Registration Flow Chart
Vital records work - data entry of county filed death records

May 2014

Featured Stories
Release of information
Out of state funeral homes and Oregon death records
Paternity establishment for married mothers
Live birth verification for home births without a licensed attendant
County Vital Records orders and use of OVERS
Revising County Vital Records order forms
Adding to the communication tool box - county webinars
Update county web pages
Email addresses

November 2013

Featured Stories
What you need to know about annual renewal of registrars commissions
Correction affidavits needed
Vital Records Modernization Law effective January 1, 2014
County reports now electronic
Vital Records Commissions Form
County Vital Records Duties Overview
Application to Operate as a County Vital Records Office

May 2013

Featured Stories
Quiz time
Intaglio paper numbers: locate, search, and void
OVERS tips
Need information out of OVERS
Vital Records Modernization House Bill 2093
Local File Number: It’s all about you!
Death certificate timeline compliance

November 2012

Featured Stories
Want to know about triennial reviews
County Registrar and Deputy Registrar duties
The new look and feel of OVERS
Replacement records from OVERS
ME Refer - Line Item 46 and the Death Certificate Sight Verification Tool
New at the State Vital Records Office: Self-Service Kiosks
Sight Verification Tool

May 2012

Featured Stories
Important! - new Cashier Close process to start July 2nd
Annual registration of Co. Registrar/Deputy Registrar Commissions
Use OVERS to fight crime
Notifying county clerks of deaths to county residents
Errors on birth records
Policy for release of veteran’s copies
Policies related to replacement certificates
Who to call at Center for Health Statistics

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