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OSCaR Research

Research Review Procedures and Forms

Before the release of any data, all research proposals requesting the use of confidential cancer registry data or cancer data requests involving additional staff time to produce datasets (confidential or otherwise) must be reviewed by the Oregon Health Authority for compliance with the following criteria:

Research Proposal Review Form (pdf)  or  (Word doc)

Research Fees (pdf)

  1. The proposed research will be used to determine the sources of cancer among the residents of Oregon or to reduce the burden of cancer in Oregon;
  2. The data requested are necessary for the efficient conduct of the study;
  3. Adequate protections are in place to provide secure conditions to use and store the data;
  4. Assurances are given that the data will only be used for the purposes of the study, and assurances that confidential data will be destroyed at the conclusion of the study (see Assurances Form);
  5. The researcher has adequate resources to carry out the proposed research;
  6. The proposal has been reviewed and approved by the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects or is exempt from such review;
  7. Any additional safeguards needed to protect the data from inadvertent disclosure due to unique or special characteristics of the proposed research have been required of the researcher; and
  8. The research methodology has been reviewed for scientific excellence by a nationally recognized peer group, or if such a review has not taken place, that an ad hoc peer review subcommittee of the OSCaR Advisory Committee containing appropriately qualified scientists has performed a peer review of the research.

Additionally, all relevant contracts and/or fees have been paid prior to data release.

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