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Prevention Briefs Newsletter

"Prevention Briefs" is a bimonthly publication from the Oregon Health Authority HIV Prevention and STD programs. This newsletter serves as a forum to give brief overviews of major news and upcoming events.

Please browse the annual presentation of issues on this page. NOTE: All files are PDF format. 

For more information, contact Josh Ferrer via phone at (971) 673-0149 or via e-mail at

Current Year


Coming soon...please check the archives for the most recent issue.



  • New data for HIV prevention
  • Demonstration project results
  • Expanded STI screening
  • Who do I contact?

​March/April​ - Recent Issue

  • What you need to know about Zika
  • What's new with rapid testing
  • Female condom available with no co-pay
  • Check out Native Voices!
  • April is STD Awareness Month


  • Progress preventing HIV
  • Syphilis results in 12 minutes
  • Detecting HIV earlier with a rapid test
  • Viral Suppression
  • Online HIV prevention training coming soon!M
  • Trauma-informed prevention
  • STD program transition
  • Rapid syphilis test pricing
  • Medicare HIV test coverage
  • Community input and planning?
  • Youth sexual health in Oregon
  • HIV Prevention Essentials
  • Ocular syphilis
  • Upcoming events
  • A widget for preventive health care
  • Who do I contact?
  • Updated STD treatment guidelines
  • Marriage equality and health equity
  • Lane County STD Strategic Plan
  • Condom distribution works!
  • Updated HIV test form
  • New Oregon Reminders materials
  • Viral hepatitis report released
  • SyphAware campaign
  • Daily PrEP reminders
  • State-and county-level HIV data reports
  • Outbreak response plan


  • One in six with HIV is undiagnosed
  • Oregon HIV laws guide
  • HIV test guidance for contractors
  • Oregon's incarcerated honor World AIDS day
  • The HIV and STI connection
  • Partner services changes
  • HIV testing procedural guidance
  • Reducing delayed diagnosis of HIV
  • Lubricant safety
  • New gonorrhea investigative guidelines
  • New HIV and STD data
  • HTML is not an STD
  • HIV transmission among HIV discordant couples
  • Confidential HIV testing policy
  • Please welcome Irina!
  • Online STI Partner Services training
  • Upcoming events
  • A sexual health framework for gay men
  • PrEPline for clinicians
  • Updated HIV testing information
  • Legacy Health supports routine HIV screening
  • Upcoming events
  • Websites and apps address sexual health


  • A new tool for testing and medication adherence
  • Update on HIV test consent policy changes
  • National HIV/AIDS strategy benchmarks
  • Gonorrhea in Oregon
  • Oregon HIV/STD hotline funding update
  • Out of care, but not out of mind
  • Price agreement for OraQuick rapid home test kits
  • Policy changes impacting HIV testing and linkage
  • 2013 funding update
  • HIV PrEP and nPEP: Worthwhile? Yep!
  • Integrated planning efforts
  • Condom distribution in 2013
  • Oregon Reminders update
  • HIV screening recommendations for clinicians
  • Staffing changes
  • Reaching Oregon's hispanic/latino communities
  • CDC site visit and funding update
  • Preventing perinatal transmission
  • Staffing changes
  • Referrals to services
  • sHIVer data
  • Expanding healthcare access
  • New Oregon HIV data available
  • Program re-organization


  • Materials for your use
  • Demonstration project funding
  • Program planning update
  • Order by mail
  • HIV test form changes
  • Text messaging for partner services
  • Syringe exchange funding update
  • Get to know tuesday
  • HIV test consent law change
  • Condom distribution update
  • Linkage to care
  • Integrating prevention and care messages
  • Why are HIV cases reported to OHA?
  • Camp Starlight
  • Internet-based partner services in Oregon
  • Bringing the international AIDS conference to you
  • Update on coordinated care organizations
  • Materials review panel members wanted
  • Statewide HIV prevention plans
  • Named reporting: are clients concerned?
  • Google, a Doodle, and you
  • CDC site visit
  • Recent HIV/STD trends in Oregon
  • Say what? Key messages!
  • Rapid HIV home testing
  • New technology-based programs


  • Funding update
  • Staffing update
  • Supporting healthy options for prevention
  • HIV prevention leadership summit
  • Opportunities
  • HIV planning groups update
  • New staff in the state office
  • AXIS
  • State of Oregon new website
  • Future changes coming


  • "Prevent HIV Oregon" on Facebook and Twitter
  • The HIV prevention program supports A6
  • Community awareness grant update
  • CDC funding for HIV prevention
  • Social support for PLWHA
  • Put a face with a name
  • Camp Starlight
  • A New statewide planning process
  • Highlights from the National HIV prevention conference
  • Resource inventory
  • Fiscal reports
  • How is HIV prevention changing?
  • How is local prevention work In Oregon changing?
  • HIV testing
  • Comprehensive prevention with positives
  • Condom distribution
  • Policy/structural initiatives
  • What activities will not be funded?
  • Demonstration project proposals
  • What has OHA done to contain costs
  • World AIDS day
  • Local program planning
  • Guidelines for HIV prophylaxis after sexual assault
  • MSM couples and HIV risks
  • New HIV testing campaign


  • Meet the state HIV prevention staff
  • Program planning for FY 2010 - 2011
  • Social networks strategy HIV testing
  • Requests for proposals
  • Adelescent sexuality conference 2010
  • Contracts and funding opportunities
  • Staffing update


  • What do you know about Hepatitis C?
  • New media communications
  • Contracts and funding opportunities
  • Opportunities
  • Summer public health institute
  • Staffing update
  • Planning groups integration
  • Oregon AIDS / STD hotline
  • Staffing

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