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About the IPG

IPG vision

We envision an Oregon where, through prevention, new HIV infections> are rare and viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted co-infections are prevented and addressed effectively. When new HIV infections do occur, every person will have access to high quality care, free from stigma and discrimination.

IPG mission

The mission of the IPG is to regularly identify strengths, needs, gaps, and service priorities, resulting in a comprehensive plan that will support people in Oregon living with, affected by, or at risk for HIV/VH/STIs to live healthy lives.

IPG values

IPG meetings and decisions seek to be:

1)     Inclusive of all Oregonians, including those living with and at risk for HIV from both urban and rural areas.

2)     High quality, promoting services that are evidence-based and user-friendly.

3)     Compassionate to the diverse populations we serve.

4)     Community focused so that recommendations are useful and accessible to the communities we serve.

IPG structure

The IPG meets three to four times annually. Each IPG member is expected to participate in at least one standing or ad-hoc committee each year.

Duties of IPG members

IPG members must attend (in-person or via technology) and actively participate in both IPG meetings and the meetings of a selected committee. Members complete tasks between meetings and help implement work plans.

IPG involvement

Anyone in Oregon can apply to become a member of the IPG.

IPG meetings are open to the public and include scheduled time for public comment.

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