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What's happening in the Foodborne Illness Prevention Program

Our goal is to work in partnership with local health departments, the food service industry, and the public to reduce or eliminate the known causes of foodborne illness.

Our primary responsibilities include rulemaking, oversight of the field inspection system, technical assistance, training and education. We also oversee the Food Handler Card program. Oregon has over 9,000 restaurants and nearly 17,000 total food service facilities. Licensing, inspection and enforcement services are provided through either the Department of Human Services Field Services Unit, or by local health departments.

Customer Access to Employee Restrooms

The Restroom Access Law (aka Ally's Law) has been passed and will go into law January 2010. In Oregon, the Restroom Access Law is called Senate Bill 277 (Public Accommodation Act). The bill was passed to allow access to restrooms for people with eligible medical conditions (people who have medical conditions that necessitate the use of a restroom). Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are just two of the eligible medical conditions. This law will require all facilities to allow access to those with eligible medical conditions to use the employee restroom if necessary. Download a physician certification card (pdf) and the video about life with Crohn's Disease.

Handwashing Legends Project

We have now completed the final phase of our statewide handwashing intervention with the help and support of county environmental health specialists statewide. Read more about this innovative project!

Dispute Resolution Process: Resolving Disputes over the Interpretation of the Oregon Food Code

Occasionally an operator believes that his/her local inspector or plan reviewer has made an interpretation that is inconsistent with the Food Sanitation Rules or existing state policies. When these disputes cannot be resolved at the county level, there is process in place to help resolve these conflicts statewide. The process is explained in our Dispute Resolution Brochure (pdf).

Restaurant Scores

In Oregon, inspections are conducted by the local county health department. Some make inspection scores available on their webpages and others do not. To review the inspection history of a particular restaurant, contact your Local Health Department.

Licensed Facility Statistics Reports

View information about local Environmental Health programs throughout Oregon. Data is collected from the local regulatory authorities and compiled by the Department of Human Services.

  1. Includes a statewide licensed facility count
  2. Lists of licensing fees for each county
  3. Risk factor summary of critical violations statewide

Oregon Statewide Risk Factor Studies

View the reports from Oregon's Risk Factor Studies conducted in 2002-2003 and 2009-2011. The second study was conducted after implementing our statewide handwashing intervention, the Handwashing Legend's Project.

Contact Your Local Environmental Health Department

If you are interested in information about operating a food service establishment, obtaining a food handler card, or registering a complaint, contact the Local Health Department.