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Prenatal and Newborn Resource Guide


This is an exciting and important time for you and your family. You want to do everything you can to keep yourself and your baby safe and healthy. The Prenatal and Newborn Resource Guide will provide you with some health information that could really make a difference in your lives.

This guide is designed to help you during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. In it, you will find answers to many of your questions - about pregnancy, breastfeeding, vaccines for your baby, safe sleeping and much more. You will also find information about other resources that are available to you. Each page includes a telephone number you can call to talk with someone who understands your concerns and knows what to do. If you have more questions, contact the MCH Section at or call 971-673-0345.

Please note: The Oregon Prenatal and Newborn Resource Guide was last updated in January of 2013. You may still find the information helpful but some of the resources may be out of date. We are evaluating how the guide is being used to inform the future of the Guide. As such, we do not have print copies of the Guide available at this time. We do have postcards with a quick response (QR) code that can be shared so that people can access the Guide on a smartphone, tablet or other handheld device.

Using the Guide

Select chapters from the table below (in English or Spanish) or the download the complete Prenatal and Newborn Resource Guide.

Important Contacts PDF PDF
How to Find Services English  Spanish 
Oregon's County Health Departments English  Spanish 
Other Important Telephone Numbers English  Spanish 
Your Health During Pregnancy
Alcohol and Other Drugs English  Spanish 
Breastfeeding: A Mother's Gift English  Spanish 
Emotional Health During Pregnancy English  Spanish 
Exercise: Physical Activity During Pregnancy English  Spanish 
Fathers, Partners and Family Support English  Spanish 
Fish: Eating Fish During Pregnancy English  Spanish 
Gestational Diabetes English  Spanish 
HIV Testing During Pregnancy English  Spanish 
Immunizations for Pregnant Women English  Spanish 
Infection: Recognition and Prevention English  Spanish 
Lead Poisoning Prevention English  Spanish 
Miscarriage and Infant Loss English  Spanish 
Nutrition and Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy English  Spanish 
Oral Health During Pregnancy English  Spanish 
Premature Labor and Delivery English  Spanish 
Safe and Nurturing Relationships English  Spanish 
Tobacco: Smokefree Mothers and Babies English  Spanish 
WIC Nutrition Program English  Spanish 
Getting Ready For Baby 
Car Seat Safety  English  Spanish 
Childcare English  Spanish 
Home Safety: Creating a Safe Home Environment English  Spanish 
Pesticides English  Spanish 
In The Hospital 
Newborn Blood Spot Screening English  Spanish 
Newborn Hearing Screening English  Spanish 
When Baby Comes Home 
Antibiotics: Safe Use of Antibiotics English  Spanish 
Birth Certificate: Adding Father's Name English  Spanish 
Birth Certificates: Ordering and Correcting English  Spanish 
Breastfeeding Your Newborn English Spanish
Crying: Understanding Infant Crying English Spanish
Immunizations for Children English Spanish
Infant Milestones English Spanish
Oral Health for Babies English Spanish
Safe Sleep for Babies English Spanish
For New Parents
Birth Control: Contraception English  Spanish 
Healthy Living English  Spanish 
If You Cannot Care for Your Baby: Safe Surrender English  Spanish 
Postpartum Depression and Anxiety English  Spanish 
Emergency Contacts English  Spanish 
Oregon Birth Record Ordering Form English  Spanish