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Advisory Council on Hearing Aids - Client Record Requirements for Licensees

Required Records

The following requirements for recording and retaining client records are specified in Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 331-640-0060. The term "client" as used in rule means the individual who is a consumer, purchaser, potential purchaser or hearing aid wearer.

Licensees must record, update and maintain documentation for each client relevant to health history, clinical examinations and treatment, and financial data. Documentation shall be written or computerized.

  • Client name
  • Client address
  • Client telephone number
  • Client dates of service
  • Record of the technical specifications of hearing aid(s) issued by a manufacturer
  • Client health history relevant to hearing evaluation or fitting of aids
  • Client referral from physician (if any)
  • Identification of any conditions that would require referral to a physician licensed
  • Waiver of Medical Opinion FormWaiver of Medical Opinion Form" (if any)
  • Client clinical examinations
  • Client treatment plan
  • Client financial data
  • Client audiograms
  • Client test results
  • Client verification tests
  • Copy of the "Statement to Prospective Purchaser"
  • Client signature and date
  • Copy of the "Right to Rescind" a Hearing Aid Purchase
  • Date and description of services rendered in the form of "chart notes," including any complications
  • Recorder initials
  • Licensee license number
  • Licensee professional title if multiple practitioners provide service to the client

Record Format

Records and documentation must be accurate, complete, and legible, typed or recorded using ink. Legible hand-written or electronic records are acceptable.

Record Identifiers

Client records listed must include the licensee's name, license number, professional title or abbreviation, and signature or initials somewhere on the documentation as a means of identifying the person who is providing service to the client. This information may be affixed to the record(s) in the form of a professional stamp or handwritten entry.

Record Retention

All client records and documentation, written or archived electronically by computer, must be stored and maintained for a minimum of seven years after the licensee has last seen the client or past the age of minority, so that the records are safeguarded, readily retrievable, and available for inspection by the Oregon Health Licensing Agency's representative.

For More Information

For more information, contact the Health Licensing Office at 503-378-8667 or at

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