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Residential Care Facility Administrators Temporary Examination

Monday, September 13, 2021

​The Long Term Care Administrators Board adopted temporary changes to the Residential Care Facility Administrators Examination (RCFAE). The RCFAE is required for individuals to obtain permanent licensure as a Residential Care Facility Administrator in Oregon. 

From September 13, 2021 through December 31, 2021, examination candidates will not be required to appear at the Health Licensing Office (HLO) to take an examination. The RCAE examination will be temporarily administered through Workday Oregon, an online examination portal which can be accessed through the internet. 

The temporary RCFAE contains 50 multiple choice questions which are separated into 21 domains; requiring a passing score of at least 75%. Candidates are given 60 minutes to complete the examination and are given an unlimited number of attempts to pass it. There is a one-time examination fee that will be paid directly to the HLO with the Residential Care Facility Administrators License Application. 

The Oregon Revised Statutes (Laws) and Oregon Administrative Rules (Rules) governing the Long Term Care Administrators Board, the Department of Human Services, Aging and People with Disabilities, Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities, and the Health Licensing Office are covered on the RCFAE. The Laws and Rules used to source the RCFAE will provide individuals with the necessary information to gain a basic understanding of the requirements governing Residential Care Facility Administrators in Oregon. Candidates should familiarize themselves with all study references prior to taking the RCFAE. 

The Residential Care Facility Administrators Examination Information Bulletin (EIB) will provide specific information regarding content covered within each examination domain and specific information pertaining to the study references used to source the examination. 

A Workday Oregon User Guide (Guide) is available to assist candidates through the steps necessary to access the RCFAE and print the required certificate of completion. The certificate of completion must be submitted to the HLO with the Residential Care Facility Administrators Licensure Application. 

Attached are both the Guide and EIB, which can also be accessed at :

For more information visit the HLO website at: or contact Derek Fultz by phone at: 503-934-5003 or by email at:


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