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Proctors Needed for the Standard Body Piercing Practical Examination

Thursday, October 21, 2021

​The Health Licensing Office (HLO) is seeking individuals to proctor the Oregon Board of Electrologists and Body Art Practitioners, Standard Body Piercing Practical Examination. Proctoring the Standard Body Piercing Practical Examination entails observing examination candidates performing body piercing procedures and grading the candidate. Proctors grade candidates by using standardized forms and scoring criteria. 

The HLO administers the Standard Body Piercing Practical Examination on a pre-set tri-annual schedule during office hours (generally on Mondays). The specific times for administration of the examination are determined 30-days prior to the examination date based on the number of examination candidates scheduled. Proctors must be prompt as well as flexible regarding examination administration times.​ 

Proctors must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold an active Standard Body Piercing license issued by the HLO;
  • Have maintained an active Standard Body Piercing license issued by the HLO for the past two years; and
  • Are in good standing with the HLO with no current or pending disciplinary action. 

Prior to proctoring, the HLO will provide necessary training and information pertaining to:

  • Proctoring guidelines
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • The practical examination process which includes the steps the candidate must take, and the criteria candidates and proctors must follow
  • Scoring forms
  • Scoring criteria 

The training will be held, by appointment only, at the HLO located at: 1430 Tandem Ave. NE, Suite 180, Salem, OR 97301.

Selected proctors must:

  • Sign and agree to confidentiality agreements and examination guideline requirements
  • Appear promptly at the time specified when scheduled to proctor
  • Provide a 72-hour (minimum) notice of inability to proctor once scheduled to appear for a practical examination
  • Maintain the security of the examinations
  • NOT retain or duplicate the material or examinations in any way, or anything containing confidential examination information
  • NOT discuss the nature or content of specific information contained in the examination
  • Return all materials and reference items pertaining to the examination to the HLO staff
  • Submit an invoice for reimbursement using state guidelines and standardized office forms

Proctors will be paid a stipend (proctoring fee) for each practical examination proctored. The stipend must follow state guidelines regarding reimbursement.

If you have questions about the proctoring process, or would like to request an application, please email Heather Shepherd at: ​ All submitted applications will be reviewed to determine they meet the required cr​iteria and ​applicants will be contacted if they are selected.


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