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Seeking Electrology Rules Advisory Committee Members

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

​The Health Licensing Office (HLO) and the Board of Electrologists and Body Art Practitioners (Board) are currently seeking interested parties to serve as experts on the Electrology Rules Advisory Committee (RAC). RACs allow external experts, individuals, entities, advocates, and communities likely to be affected by rule changes and to provide input and recommendations to the HLO and the Board during the rulemaking process.

The Board determined certain individuals and communities may be affected by the changes in rules and requested that representatives of the following communities, or individuals, apply to serve on the RAC:

  • Licensed electrologist;
  • Electrology educator;​
  • Transgender;
  • Small business;
  • Coordinated Care Organization;
  • Health care professional;
  • People of color; and
  • Indigenous people.

The following topics related to electrology will be reviewed by the RAC:

  • Reciprocal licensing;
  • Written and practical examinations;
  • Curriculum for career schools;
  • Training program under supervision of a licensed electrologist; and
  • Temporary licensing.

The RAC will be made up of 10 to 12 members depending on the interest received. Meetings will be held virtually using Microsoft Teams unless otherwise stated.

Attendance and participation by individuals and communities likely to be affected by the rule changes is essential to the rulemaking process. Please be sure you can attend the RAC being held on July 25, 2022, before applying.

If you are interested in serving on the RAC, please complete and submit an Interest Form. All interest forms must be received by July 10, 2022, at 12 p.m. (noon).

For questions or further clarification, contact Samie Patnode at or by calling (503) 509-5592. For additional information on rules, visit the HLO website.

Role of the Rule Advisory Committee in Rulemaking - RACs are an important process that allow members of the public and communities to provide input and suggestions during the development of new Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs), amending or repealing existing rules, and identifying the potential fiscal impact on small businesses as well as the effect on racial equity in Oregon. Diverse opinions and viewpoints are an important part of the rulemaking process.

What to Expect as a RAC member? - During the RAC meeting, a facilitator will lead the meeting and briefly summarize each section of rules. As draft rules are explained, RAC members will have the opportunity to offer input and comments. HLO staff and other subject matter experts will be available to respond to questions to clarify rule concepts and provide context as needed to help people understand the intent of the rules.

RAC meetings will be conducted via Microsoft Teams unless otherwise stated. The HLO is anticipating only needing one meeting lasting approximately four hours in length. The actual number of meetings and meeting times may vary depending on discussions, availability of RAC members, and progress made during the meetings.

The role of the RAC is to make recommendations to the HLO and the board it represents. Once recommendations are made, the RAC will work with HLO staff in proposing changes to the board. Finally, based on the recommendations and proposed changes, the HLO and the board will make the final decision on proposed rules.

May the public attend RAC meetings? - Yes, members of the public, interested parties, and the media are invited to attend all RAC meetings. Public and interested parties' feedback will be heard if available and stated on the agenda. Public and interested parties' feedback may be limited to a specified timeframe of three-minutes for each comment.

Next Steps After RAC Meetings - HLO staff will consider all suggestions and feedback expressed by RAC members and then finalize and present proposed rule text to the board for their review and consideration. Once the board has approved proposed rules, the HLO will submit a notice of proposed rulemaking to the Secretary of State Office. The public will be provided an opportunity to review and comment on the proposed rules in writing or during a scheduled public hearing. All comments and a hearings officer report will be presented to the board for adoption of permanent rules. Permanent rules will then be filed with the Secretary of State Office for implementation.