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Board of Direct Entry Midwifery License Fees

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

​The 2013 Legislature passed HB 2997 making licensing mandatory for individuals practicing midwifery unless they were exempt. At that time the initial license costs were $1200 with a $1200 discount for applicants who met all licensing requirements and had never held a prior license. In 2013 fees for applicants renewing a license were $1200 annually. Documentation specifically related to fees was provided by the Legislative Fiscal Office (LFO) regarding HB 2997.
In 2015, HLO requested approval for a fee reduction. As of July 1, 2015, initial license fees were reduced to $800 with a $350 discount which expired on July 1, 2019. Also, as of July 1, 2015, license renewal fees were reduced to $800 with a $200 discount which expired on July 1, 2019.
The Board has made changes to alleviate expenses, many of which may not show great impact immediately. The investigative protocol was amended to include an Informal Settlement Conference which allows respondents to come before the Board and provide information regarding the complaint made against them. This new process has decreased the number of hearings held which lowers the cost for attorney and hearing fees. The general investigative process has been streamlined with the amendment in law regarding the confidentiality of investigations. This allows investigators, subject matter experts and the Board to discuss complaint information with the respondent and ultimately expedites the investigative process.
The Board is encouraged that costs will continue to go down if the number of complaints continues to decrease which would reduce investigator, subject matter expert and attorney costs. As well if complaints continue to decrease and with the end of the rulemaking process the Board may be able to hold fewer meetings.
During the January meeting the Board and HLO discussed the current fees, how to increase licensure and the possibility of offering an additional discount in the future. Over the next several meetings this topic will continue to be discussed. All meeting documents and recordings are available on the HLO website.
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