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Oregon Common Credentialing Program Suspended

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

On July 25, 2018, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) announced the suspension of the Oregon Common Credentialing Program. Licensed Dietitians were one of the professions that would have been required to participate in the program.

The Oregon Common Credentialing Program (OCCP), which is mandated by SB 604 (2013), establishes a program and database for credentialing organizations to access the information necessary to credential or re-credential all health care practitioners in the state. The OCCP is intended to simplify the administrative processes related to credentialing, reduce burden on practitioners, and eliminate duplication for credentialing organizations.

The OCCP was intended to be solely fee funded, and no startup funding was allocated. This meant OHA has covered the costs of planning and implementation and planned to recoup these costs through program fees once the program launched. Stakeholders emphasized the importance of taking the time necessary to ensure the OCCP is successful before requiring broad participation. Delaying required participation means OHA will not collect fee revenue this biennium, creating a budget shortfall.

This project ended up being more complex, more expensive, and has taken considerably longer to implement than anyone predicted. OHA encountered significant challenges in designing a program that addressed the complexities of business practices while meeting accrediting entity standards for credentialing.

For additional information regarding the suspension please review the FAQs provided by the OHA, and the OCCP website.


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