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Oregon Psilocybin - Rules Advisory Committees

Rules Advisory Committees (RACs) are an important process that allow members of the public an opportunity to provide input on proposed administrative rules before they become effective. RACs are comprised of individuals who have subject matter expertise and members of the public who are likely to be affected by the proposed rules. The RAC process is designed to include a diversity of opinions and viewpoints. Although RACs evaluate fiscal and racial impact of the proposed rules and make recommendations, Oregon Health Authority retains decision making authority.

In April 2022, community members were invited to provide comments on a subset of proposed rules related to products, testing, and training programs during the first public comment period. A second round of rulemaking in the fall will focus on the remainder of the rules. The remainder of rules will be posted and open for public comment in October, with all final rules adopted by December 31, 2022. 

We will post an announcement for applications to serve on the upcoming RACs on this page sometime in the summer. Sign up for updates to recieve an invitation to apply.

Past RAC Meetings

We will convene additional RACs later in 2022 to establish the remainder of administrative rules required to implement M109. Invitations to apply to serve on future RACs will be posted here on this page and sent out to the mailing list later this year.