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Youth Suicide Prevention Plan

5-Year Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan: 2021-2025

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Suicide is one of Oregon's most persistent, yet largely preventable public health problems. This updated plan focuses on preventing suicide at the earliest ages where it begins to occur, among youth ages 5-24. The process of building this iteration of the YSIPP included input from hundreds of people with relevant lived experience, providers of behavioral health and physical health services, experts, evidence informed practices, and a rigorous research review. The framework of this plan draws on the four strategic directions, goals and objectives in the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Technical Package on Preventing Suicide.

This document is not “the new" Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan (YSIPP). The YSIPP 2021–2025 represents and honors the incredible work done for years by suicide prevention champions across Oregon. This plan is the natural continuation of that work. It continues many initiatives we know are working. It captures the lessons we have learned over five years and lays out a vision for what else we must address to keep moving toward health and wellness for Oregon's youth. While the YSIPP 2021–2025 has some new and innovative pieces, it is firmly rooted in rich soil.

Download the complete plan (PDF)

Also included in the YSIPP is an introduction to the Oregon Suicide Prevention Framework. The Oregon Suicide Prevention Framework is a big part of this plan. It is grounded in the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention and the CDC Technical Package for Suicide Prevention. The framework was informed by the San Diego Suicide Prevention Plan and hundreds of pieces of feedback from collaborators and partners across Oregon. The Oregon Suicide Prevention Framework strategic pillars and goals represent the long-term vision for suicide prevention in Oregon. The OHA suicide prevention team currently includes five dedicated coordinators working in three scopes — youth suicide, adult suicide, and Zero Suicide initiatives in healthcare settings. These coordinators will use the framework's strategic pillars and goals to guide their work. Each coordinator will work on specific strategic pathways and related strategic priority initiatives within their scope of work.

Preventing suicide cannot be accomplished by one group, government, or sector. OHA believes the most effective suicide prevention happens in local communities. It also believes statewide infrastructure and equitable access to programs and resources are vital to local efforts. The intention of creating a statewide framework is to equip and focus many sectors and groups to have the greatest collective impact. It is our goal that communities and sectors can use the framework's centering values, foundation, pillars and goals to guide their local suicide prevention work. We hope that communities and sectors will see their work represented in the Oregon Suicide Prevention Framework.

Click here to view the original Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan (2016-2020) and annual reports on plan progress. 

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