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Super User Role and Training

Super User Role Provides:

Same functionality as the Standard User role, plus:

  1. Access to manage user access for standard and query-only users for their organization.
  2. Access to manage and update their organization’s profile details and contact information as needed.
  3. Access to two reports used by clinics participating in the Vaccines for Children program.

Super User Responsibilities

  • Super users maintain ALERT IIS users for all the clinic or pharmacy organizations they support.
  • Before giving a new user access to ALERT IIS, the Super User will collect and file the individual user agreement and proof of training required of their assigned user role.
  • They guide new users to training materials, reset passwords, answer basic system questions.
  • They collect enrollment materials for new users before granting access to ALERT IIS.

Please note: this role is intended for clinical and pharmacy staff.

Required Training

  1. Prerequisite: Standard User access or proof of completed Standard User training.
  2. Attend a live webinar training. This training covers managing user access, resetting passwords and providing administrative and technical support for other users. Super User training is offered twice a month by live webinar.