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AFIX Immunization Assessment System

Oregon AFIX

Use data to improve immunization practices through Assessment, Feedback, Incentives and eXchange (AFIX)

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What is AFIX?

A collaborative approach to improving your clinic’s immunization program.

  • Assessment of immunization rates and practices
  • Feedback with recommended strategies for improvement
  • Incentives to recognize and reward performance
  • eXchange of information to support implementing quality improvement strategies

How will we help?

Oregon AFIX is a partnership designed to support health care personnel in identifying opportunities to improve immunization practices and rates.

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We will gather and assess data on the immunization rates of your patient population.

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Participation, improvement and competition will be encouraged. Successes will be recognized within your organization and among your peers across the state.

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We will discuss the information with key contributors in your practice and together will identify specific improvement strategies for your clinic.

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We will offer ongoing support toward implementing your chosen quality improvement strategies.

Why are assessment and feedback important?

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Routine assessment and feedback of immunization rates is recommended by the Community Prevention Services Task Force on the basis of strong evidence for increasing vaccination rates in a wide range of contexts.
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AFIX fulfills the Healthy People 2020 objective to increase the number of providers who have had vaccination coverage levels measured within the past year.


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of public and private
health providers

How's your clinic doing?

Improving immunization rates is one of seven priority areas in the Oregon State Health Improvement Plan. In 2015, 70% of 2-year-olds in Oregon were fully vaccinated.
Help Oregon achieve its 2020 goal of having 80% of 2-year-olds fully vaccinated.

What is your practice’s current immunization coverage rate?
Contact the Oregon VFC program at 971-673-4VFC (4832) to set up an AFIX visit for your clinic.

Tools for working on your own quality improvement

AFIX Documents and Resources

More Information

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