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Basic Training

Basic Training Videos

Watching these on-demand video training modules is a prerequisite to obtaining Standard User access in ALERT IIS.

After watching each video training module, print the certificate at the end and submit it to your Super User or to the ALERT IIS Help Desk along with a signed copy of the ALERT IIS Individual User Agreement.

Users who submit data through their electronic health record or billing system are not required to watch Adding Historical Immunizations, Adding New Immunizations or Managing Patients.

Users who enter directly into ALERT IIS are required to watch all 6 videos to equal one basic training webinar.

Things to know about videos:

  • Videos may take time to load.
  • Playback controls are at the bottom of the screen. You may need to scroll down to see them.

Video Training Modules

If you are unable to view videos using Google Chrome Browser follow these directions to change the browser settings.

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