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Electronic Data Interchange Resources

Use the resources on this page to correctly register, test and exchange EDI information with OHA.

Receive EDI updates by text or e-mail or view the most recent changes.

Registration resources​

To register as an Oregon Medicaid trading partner, complete the Trading Partner Agreement for Electronic Health Care Transactions (OHA 2080).

  • Oregon Medicaid requires the original signature of the Trading Partner's Primary Authorized Signer on this form. We will not accept forms with a stamped signature or forms sent as electronic copies (i.e., faxes, emailed copies or photocopies sent by mail).
  • Learn more in How to complete the Trading Partner Agreement.
The EDI Administrative Rules (Chapter 943, Division 120, "Electronic Data Transmission") establish the registration process and requirements applicable to Oregon Medicaid Trading Partners or EDI submitters. They also govern the conduct and requirements for all EDI transactions with Oregon Medicaid.

Testing resources

Make sure your your EDI submissions to OHA meet national, state, and Oregon MMIS requirements (outlined in the Oregon MMIS Technical Specifications, below).

Oregon MMIS Technical Specifications

As Oregon MMIS Technical Specific​ations are approved by ASC X12, they will be posted here. If you require a guide that is not currently listed, contact EDI Support Services at DHS.EDISupport@state.or.us

Click "Topic" to filter by resource type or "Document Type" to filter/select by format. You can also type in the "Search" box to search on any field below (for example, type "834" to view all 834-related documents).

Looking for encounter data information?  Encounter-only technical specifications and other documents are now on the OHP Encounter Data page.

270 - Eligibility InquiryOR-MMIS Technical SpecificationsX12 Approved
271 - Eligibility ResponseOR-MMIS Technical SpecificationsX12 Approved
271 Supplement - Carrier Code ListEligibility verification, OR-MMIS Technical SpecificationsQuick reference
271 Supplement - EB ValuesOR-MMIS Technical SpecificationsQuick reference
271 Supplement - EB05 Benefit DescriptionsEligibility verification, OR-MMIS Technical SpecificationsQuick reference
276 - Claim Status InquiryOR-MMIS Technical SpecificationsX12 Approved
277 - Claim Status ResponseOR-MMIS Technical SpecificationsX12 Approved
835 - FFS Remittance Advice - Version 1.2, updated 10-12-2012OR-MMIS Technical SpecificationsX12 Approved
837 FFS - DentalOR-MMIS Technical SpecificationsX12 Approved
837 FFS - InstitutionalOR-MMIS Technical SpecificationsX12 Approved
837 FFS - Professional, Version 1.3, Updated 7-3-2012OR-MMIS Technical SpecificationsX12 Approved
How to complete the 835 Signup FormRegistrationQuick reference
How to Complete the Oregon Medicaid Trading Partner AgreementRegistrationSelf-paced
OHA Registered Clearinghouse ListEligibility verification, RegistrationQuick reference
Password Change InstructionsTestingQuick reference
Plan Codes CrosswalkEligibility verification, OR-MMIS Technical SpecificationsQuick reference

Tips for submitters

  • To access your mailbox, use the host name instead of the mailbox URL. If you do not have the host name or if you have questions about this change, please have your authorized technical contact send an email to DHS.EDISupport@state.or.us.

  • Clean mailboxes regularly. Delete old files to​ make sure there is room for new transactions, including 999 and TA1 transactions.

  • Change your mailbox password every 45 days. You will not get reminders to update your password ahead of time. Learn how to change your password.

  • 10 failed logins will block your IP address. If you have multiple users accessing your mailbox at the same IP address, limit the number of users and/or make sure everyone knows of password changes at the same time. Make sure scripts and FTP software you use do not automatically try to reconnect after a failed login.

  • Submitters east of the Pacific Time Zone: Only send transactions when the transmission date for your zone is the same as the Pacific Time Zone.​​​​​​