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Quitting cuts your benefit costs

Using tobacco costs you more than just what you pay at the counter.

PEBB members who use tobacco have $25 deducted monthly from their pay to offset the known risks for health care costs they bring to their health plan. You can end the deduction when you quit (End Deduction Form ).

Members who use tobacco also have higher rates for optional life insurance. They can get the lower non-tobacco rate when they don't use tobacco for 12 months prior to the next Open Enrollment.

Members in PEBB Statewide, Providence Choice, or Moda plans

Call Quit for Life at 1-866-QUIT-4-LIFE (1-866-784-8454). There is also a chat feature.

Members in a Kaiser Permanente plan

call the "Talk With a Health Coach" service at 503-286-6816 or 1-866-301-3866 (toll free) and select option 2.


Your PEBB benefits give you comprehensive support to quit through no-cost access to:

  • Consultations with a trained quit coach who knows how tough it can be to quit and ways you can stay or get back on track
  • Materials to help you plan and stick to a personalized quit program
  • Nicotine replacement therapy
  • Coverage of certain prescribed medications to help you quit

Many have been able to quit on their own, but the chances of being successful are eight times greater with support.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to quit, start your plan today!

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