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¡Cuídate! means “take care of yourself.”

It is the theme of this culturally-based program designed to reduce HIV sexual risk among Latino youth. ¡Cuídate! helps youth develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to reduce their risk of STDs, HIV/AIDS, and unplanned pregnancy.

The program emphasizes risk reduction strategies such as sexual abstinence and correct condom use through interactive activities.

In Oregon,¡Cuídate! will include a comprehensive contraceptive learning session in addition to the program's emphasis on risk reduction strategies. 


For more information on the ¡Cuídate! program, Select Media offers the ¡Cuídate curriculum and training materials.


¡Cuídate! is an evidence based curriculum. Youth in the ¡Cuídate! program reported having significantly:

  • Fewer incidents of sexual intercourse,
  • Fewer sex partners,
  • Fewer days of unprotected intercourse, and
  • For youth who are sexually active, an increase in consistent condom use.

In Oregon youth have the opportunity to participate in the ¡Cuídate! evaluation. Participation in the evaluation is voluntary and is not required to participate in the ¡Cuídate! program.

¡Cuídate! is currently offered at the following counties:

If your county is not listed, please contact Lindsay Weaver at: for more information.

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