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Oregon Board of Cosmetology - Permanent Administrative Rules Effective July 1, 2024

Permanent Oregon Administrative Rules (rules) for the Board of Cosmetology became effective on July 1, 2024. A summary of rule changes is listed below. For an official copy of the rules, see our Board of Cosmetology Laws and Rules webpage. ​

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Practitioner Information

The following regulated professions are overseen by the Board of Cosmetology. Learn more about applying for a license, associated fees, laws, rules and more by following the links below:

About the Board

The Board of Cosmetology consists of seven members appointed by the governor:

  • Six certified practitioners with valid certificates
  • One public member who is not a practitioner

The term of office of each member of the board is four years, but a member serves at the pleasure of the governor. Vacancies are filled by the governor by appointment for the unexpired term. A member serves until the appointment and qualification of a successor.

A member is eligible for reappointment. If a member serves two consecutive full terms, a period of at least four years must elapse before the individual is again eligible for appointment to serve on the board.

Board Members

Tracy Paramo

Term: 2nd Full
Term end: 10/16/2027

​Tracy Paramo has been a licensed practitioner since 1989. With over 30 years of experience, Tracy has seen first-hand every possible salon situation including hourly, commission, booth lease, and salon ownership. From 1997-2012, Tracy was self-employed in a successful salon in Dallas, Texas. Having fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest, she finally decided to make the move here in 2012. 

Upon moving to Portland, she procured her Oregon licenses in Hair Design, Esthetics, and Nail Technology, as well as her Educator's license. Tracy has spent time here working as both a stylist and salon manager, however, she found a new vehicle for her passion when she began educating. She is currently the Director of Operations at Summit Salon Academy Portland. 

Her dedication to the industry is showcased by her commitment to supporting new service providers with essential knowledge to be successful. Tracy says, “We need to encourage more truth about this industry. All too often service providers sell themselves short. Operate with integrity, charge your worth, continue to educate yourself and you will see great success."

Harold Fowlkes

Term: 2nd Full
Term end: 4/24/2027
Happy Valley

Harold Fowlkes is a distinguished business owner from Happy Valley, OR. Born and raised in Southern California, his travels brought him to Washington State University in Pullman, WA where he finished his MBA in Finance.

The majority of his career has been, and still is, in the healthcare field, including Sales, Marketing, Management, Training, Leadership and Consulting for both private and Fortune 500 companies.

He and his business partners purchased "The Influential Grooming Lounge" two years ago. Their main goal is to provide an opportunity for members of the community to receive top quality service, while at the same time being in a place that fosters mentorship and grows influential leaders. The partners would like to open multiple locations and bring the same philosophy to other communities.

Chelsea Wescott

Term: 1st Full
Term end: 6/29/2026

Chelsea Wescott has been a licensed hair stylist since 2004 and has worked in cosmetology schools since 2010. She was born and raised in Portland Oregon. Chelsea is very passionate about hair and education and chose this industry because she is a creative person who loves people and helping students find their inspiration and drive for a career. Her favorite part about working with students is watching them become the stylist, esthetician or nail artist they set out to be. She is inspired by all forms of art and draws from many different mediums when creating.

Jamie Ferren

Term: 1st Full
Term end: 11/9/2026

Beatrice Van

Term: 1st Full
Term end: 1/25/2028

Beatrice Van is an award-winning Esthetics Master Educator, known for her enthusiasm, positivity, and self-starting nature. With over 19 years of progressive experience in the beauty industry where she is currently working as a clinical master esthetics educator/coordinator as well as specializing in treating skin of color. She’s also a multi-published author, and the proud owner of Beauty by Bea, LLC and Glow by Bea Skincare. Beatrice holds licenses as an esthetician, certified advanced esthetician, makeup artist and nail specialist.

After numerous years in the industry, Beatrice made a transition to become an esthetics and nail educator, where she discovered her true calling in empowering students and beauty professionals to boldly invest in their education, enhance their skills, and elevate industry standards.

Beatrice also travels across the country with Fearless Beauty, an organization founded by Skintelligent Resources. Through this platform, she shares the vital importance of understanding and treating ethnic, multi-ethnic, and multicultural skin within the esthetics community. Her aim is to empower attendees, leaving them fearless and more confident when providing treatments for people of color.

Alysia Read

Term: 1st Full
Term end: 8/29/2026

Alysia Read has been a licensed cosmetologist since 1991. After two opportunities to serve on rules advisory committees, she realized that serving on the Board would be a great next step in giving back to the cosmetology community.

Alysia believes that getting to know how an industry grows and shapes itself is key to understanding what it's capable of. She would like to see stylists graduating with a deeper knowledge of all hair types, fundamental skills for assessing toxicity in products and workplaces, and the ability to formulate a strong financial plan for their careers.

Over the years, she has seen excellent stylists exit the industry early due to injury, illness, or the need for a more stable income. Also, interacting closely with humans on a day-to-day basis can sometimes take an emotional toll. While serving on the board, Alysia hopes to find opportunities to further the stylists health, financial well-being, education, and overall happiness with their career. She is grateful for this opportunity to serve.

Sara Schilling

Term: 1st Full
Term end: 4/9/2028

Sara Schilling is a licensed esthetician with over four years of expertise spanning two states. Currently working as a clinical master and advanced esthetician, Sara is deeply passionate about both the art and science of skincare. With a firm belief in the power of education and sustainable business practices, Sara continually seeks to elevate industry standards and foster a culture of diversity and excellence.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sara is committed to advocating for inclusivity and representation within the beauty community. Recognizing the importance of embracing neurodiversity, she strives to create spaces within the cosmetology industry that welcome individuals from all walks of life.

Sara's unwavering dedication to her craft, coupled with her commitment to progressive values, positions her as a valuable asset to the Oregon Board of Cosmetology. She looks forward to contributing her expertise and perspective to further the board's mission of ensuring the highest standards of practice and professionalism within the industry.

Board Recruitment

Are you interested in serving as a volunteer citizen board member? HLO-regulated boards seek new members as current board member terms expire.

Current vacancies and how to apply

For board recruitment questions or the appointment process, contact the Oregon Governor's Office of Executive Appointments at 503-378-6829.