December 21, 2015

Re: Update regarding the 2016 QAP and 2016 funding cycles

Stakeholders -

I am writing to provide an update on the Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) and the resulting LIHTC and HOME NOFAs, including an expected timeline based on current operating assumptions. As of the November State Housing Council meeting, the QAP was delayed in order to follow up on key issues. You can read the technical advisory on these issues and the process to date here.

Since that meeting, OHCS has made concerted effort to engage around the issues with State Housing Council members and stakeholders. OHCS convened an ad hoc 2016 QAP work group to discuss the open issues. The group is working toward consensus on specific aspects that need to be covered in the QAP and is considering a timeline for addressing issues that need to be covered elsewhere.

The work group recommendations related to the QAP will be finalized in December in order to present a final draft QAP to the Housing Stability Council at their January 8th, 2016 meeting. At that time, we hope to request authorization to begin the formal 30 day public comment period. In the best circumstances, without any additional substantive revisions to policies within the QAP, it is expected that the QAP would be presented with all public comments reviewed and responded to by the March 4th, 2016 Housing Stability Council meeting.

We anticipate the ability to open a NOFA sixty (60) days after the execution of the QAP. If the QAP is finalized at the March 4, 2016 Housing Stability Council meeting, the 2016 LIHTC and HOME NOFAs would be released in May 2016.

Key Dates in Current Timeline:

December 2016
Ad hoc work group finalizes recommendations for QAP and other follow up; OHCS finalizes any changes to proposed QAP.

January 8, 2016
OHCS presents revised QAP to the Housing Stability Council and request authorization to begin the 30 day public comment period.

January 11 thru February 10, 2016
Public comment period open.

February 11 thru February 24, 2016
OHCS staff review and incorporate changes from public comment.

March 4, 2016
If there are no substantive policy change recommendations following public comment, OHCS will request that the Housing Stability Council authorize the QAP to go to the Governor for execution.

May 2016
If the QAP is executed after the March 4 Housing Stability Council meeting, the LIHTC and HOME NOFAs will be released. If there are changes or additional delays, the NOFA would be released 60 days after execution of the QAP.

You can view the current draft of the QAP and additional information about the process to revise it on our website at:

Thank you for your continued participation in this process as we continue to develop the best QAP possible in the pursuit of a clear and predictable LIHTC program. Should you have any questions, I can be reached at 503-986-2106 or


Julie V. Cody
Assistant Director for Housing Finance

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