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OHCS 2018 Strategic Goals

Oregon Housing and Community Services is placing a greater emphasis on strategic planning and the way we invest our resources.

Over the past several years, we have been restructuring, refocusing and reimagining our department. Our work has led to a greater emphasis on data, research and customer service.

In 2018, we are carrying that effort forward with the development of strategic planning goals for 2018. Guided by the following principles – partnership is central to our work and equity matters – OHCS developed the following goals that will focus our work throughout 2018:

2018 Strategic Goals | Goals and Strategies

GOAL 1: Build a more resilient OHCS that engages, supports, and challenges employees. 

GOAL 2: Build a stronger OHCS that engages and serves our communities.

2018 OHCS Strategic Goals 
Goals and Strategies (8MB)

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GOAL 3: Work to close the affordable rental housing gap for low-income households.

GOAL 4: Prevent and reduce statewide poverty and homelessness. 

GOAL 5: Leverage energy assistance and weatherization services to reduce energy costs and improve housing affordability. 

GOAL 6: Expand access to homeownership and increase household stability with an intentional focus on bridging the homeownership gap for ​communities of color. 

GOAL 7: Lead efforts to enhance OHCS and partner data systems to guide agency investment decisions. 

State Housing Stability Plan
A key deliverable for OHCS in 2018 is delivering a statewide housing stability plan. This effort will help us set our housing stability, preservation, and production priorities for the short- and long-term. OHCS relies on the community we serve and our partners, so we are using local and statewide data to understand the housing needs of Oregonians, and we want to share what we find.

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