Agriculture Workforce Housing Information / State Regulations

State Regulations for
Agriculture Housing

Housing Integrator
Public Affairs Division


Farmworker Housing (FWH) availability,

"Needed housing" defined - ORS 197.303

Farmworker State Policy
ORS 197.677

Farmworker Construction Codes
ORS 197.680

Farmworker Housing Standards
ORS 197.312 and 197.685

Farmworker Housing Standards
ORS 215.277 and .278

Farmworker Housing Tax Credits
ORS 315.163‐.172

Agriculture Workforce Housing Information and Facilitation Team
ORS 456.585

Farmworker Development Account
ORS 458.620, and 458.660

ORS 654.086


Oregon Administrative Rules

Farmworker Housing Development Account
Division 39

Agriculture Workforce Housing Tax Credit Program
Division 41