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Program Compliance trainings and materials are provided below:

Current/Upcoming Trainings:

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Staff Directory Contact List
​CO Property List
​​2018 Oregon AHMA Conference Materials  
​UPCS Changes, Updates & Reminders
​Tips to get a "Meets" Rating​ - Avoiding Common Mistakes
Establishing-Changing Preferences
​​OAHTC Compliance
Basics of ​Utility Allowance Calculations
​HOME Program Update - 2018
Preparing for an OHCS Compliance Review
Assigning Set-Asides​ - Example
​Previous Training Materials:
OHCS Elderly Bond Occupancy Training - 2017
LIHTC Compliance FAQs - Supplement to 2016 OHCS LIHTC Compliance Manual
Confirmation Letter to Closing a Review - 2017
Compliance Requirements of Review/Inspection Process- 2017
​Preparing for an OHCS Inspection​- 2017
​OHCS HOME Program Update​ - 2017
File Prep Guide
Google Drive Best Practices
​Compliance Review Ratings​
Physical Inspection Ratings
OAHTC New Rules and Processes​ - 2017
​Extended Use for LIHTC Compliance - 2014
HOME Occupancy Problem Solving - 2014
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