Grant and Tax Credits / Housing Preservation Program

The Publicly Supported Housing Preservation Program is a result of HB 2002 (2017). Owners must provide notices to local government (affecting the property) and OHCS. Notices are due starting at least 2 years prior to when the affordability restrictions will expire and 13-months prior to when the property would be withdrawn from publicly supported housing. Local government and OHCS are jointly known as “qualified purchasers”. The 13-month notice provides the “Opportunity to Offer to Purchase” of the property for qualified purchasers, which have 90 days from the notice to make an offer. Owners are not required to accept any of the qualified purchaser offers, but are also limited to time lines in which they can sell to a third-party once the notices have been sent.  Properties subject to this program are multifamily rental housing developments with a minimum of 5 units with affordability restrictions. Restrictions can be from project-based rental assistance from HUD or RD, or from OHCS (tax credits, grants, loans). Local government can also apply to OHCS to include their local subsidy programs in the preservation program. The state’s inventory of affordable housing, known as “Oregon Affordable Housing Inventory (OAHI)”, is a vital part of the preservation program for compliance monitoring purposes and informing the public of a property’s status of potential withdrawal from publicly supported housing based on expiration/termination dates.

Program Materials:

Factsheet: PuSH Preservation Program​ - Updated 10/4/2019

Publicly Supported Housing Preservation Flowchart

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