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Neighborhood Stabilization Program

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The Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) was a federally funded program administered by Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS). OHCS partnered with local cities, counties, non-profit housing developers in Oregon, to offer NSP funds directly to eligible recipients for the purchase of qualified properties. This program was a successful program for OHCS and our Sub-Grantee Partners with all funds being pledged to eligible households.

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program was developed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a response to the residential foreclosures adversely affecting the housing market beginning in 2007, known as the "Great Recession". The purpose of the NSP was to stabilize neighborhoods with high inventories of foreclosed residential properties by providing a financial incentive to income eligible homebuyers and funds to purchase and rehabilitate properties to qualified non-profit developers (i.e. Habitat for Humanity). As a Grantee of NSP funds, OHCS is required to assist households with an income level of 50% or below AMI (average median income) setting aside 25% of each NSP award. OHCS was the primary grantee/administrator of the three (3) phases of NSP. Most of OHCS NSP Sub-Grantees/Recipients have exhausted all of their funds. The remaining Sub-Grantees/Recipients with NSP funds have obligated their funds to eligible projects; this leaves minimal NSP funds available.

NSP-1 was created under Federal Legislation known as the "Housing and Economy Recovery Act of 2008" (HERA). OHCS was awarded $19,600,000; of this, $4,900,000 was set aside; these funds were allocated to various cities, counties, non-profit developers and housing authorities. In September 2010, 100% of the NSP-1 funds were pledged by our Sub-Grantee Partners in the eligible target areas assisting income eligible households at or below 50% AMI and no higher than 120% AMI.

NSP-2 was created under Federal Legislation known as the "American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009" (ARRA). OHCS, as the lead member and the City of Bend and Medford along with the County of Clackamas and Washington applied for funds as a Consortium. This was done on a competitive basis, submitted to HUD Headquarters in Washington DC. OHCS and the Consortium members were awarded $6,829,635 in NSP-2 funds, of this OHCS set aside $1,707,158 for households with an income level of 50% or below AMI. The Consortium members pledged 100% of the award in February 2013.

NSP-3 was created under the Federal Legislation known as the "Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act". OHCS was awarded $5,000,000, of this $1,250,000 was set aside for households with an income level of 50% or below AMI. OHCS Sub-Grantee Partners were able to pledge the amount of the award in April 2014. NSP-3 had only five (5) Sub-Grantee Partners receiving funds, as the program slowed down.

Quarterly Performance Reports:

NSP-1 Action Plan

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NSP-2 Action Plan

2018 NSP-2 Quartly Performance Reports ​

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NSP-3 Action Plan

2018 NSP-3 Quarterly Performance Reports ​

2017 NSP-3 Quarterly Performance Reports​

More information:
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