Multifamily Housing Funding / 2018 Manufactured Parks NOFA

2018 NOFA: Manufactured Parks

NOFA Application Materials:
NOFA #4611​​
NOFA Instructions
OHCS General Policy & Guidelines Manual​​


Part 1-Application Submission:
1.0 Application Data Submission​

Part 2-Applicant and Project Information:
2.0 Applicant and Project Information

Part 3-Threshold Review Submission:
3.1 Resident Services Plan​
3.2 Readiness to Proceed
3.3 MP NOFA Excel Proforma | Zip Instructions
3.4 Financial Assumptions
3.5 Development Team Capacity​

Part 4- Oregon Affordable Housing Tax Credits:
4.1 OAHTC Supplemental Forms​​​

NOFA Program Manuals:
General Housing Account Program Manual​​
Oregon Affordable Housing Tax Credits Program Manual​

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