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Oregon's Statewide Housing Plan

An Overview
Oregon Housing and Community Services is placing a greater emphasis on strategic planning and the way we invest our resources. Over the past several years we have been restructuring, refocusing and reimagining our agency. Our work has led to an increased emphasis on data, research and customer service. We are carrying that effort forward with the development of the Statewide Housing Plan.

The plan will clearly articulate the extent of Oregon's housing problem and what can be done to address it. OHCS has committed to the Housing Stability Council and our stakeholders that the plan will be responsive to the needs of the state, delivered to the legislature and include elements of our equity agenda. To accomplish this task OHCS has hired EcoNorthwest to help deliver this important body of work.

"What is the Statewide Housing Plan"


 June 12, 2018 Webinar Update



 March 22, 2018 Webinar Update


​​Topics covered in this webinar:

  • the themes we learned from our community conversations; 
  • the results of focus groups with low income Oregonians and agricultural farmworkers; 
  • an update on the statewide housing planning process. ​​​

 Fall 2017 Outreach Summary Report​

November 16, 2017 Webinar Recording:


 Statewide Housing Plan Webinar



What the Statewide Housing Plan will include:

UNDERSTANDING OF THE STATEWIDE HOUSING NEED: Understanding the problem to be addressed is key to innovation and making investments that are lasting.

TOOLS TO ADDRESS THE HOUSING NEED: Oregon is experiencing a severe housing shortage and the current funding resources for housing are insufficient to adequately address the problem. The project will rationally explore the tools available and the funding gap needed to address the housing crisis. OHCS will produce an environmental scan to determine how funds can be leveraged to maximize their impact, and what funds are available to create innovative solutions.

PROMISING PRACTICES: The plan will examine what is working to deliver more housing where there is the greatest need. How can OHCS take advantage of the best thinking and efforts to provide housing stability for Oregonians?

STRATEGIES AND PARTNERSHIPS: OHCS has a limited role in addressing the housing problems facing Oregonians. Partners are key to our success and ability to help people living in poverty. We will keep the mission of our partners at the front of our strategic planning work. The plan will lay out strategies on how we will make our investments and how funding will be prioritized.

IMPLEMENTATION PLAN: Our stakeholders will know how we will implement our strategies and efforts. OHCS will lay out metrics that help achieve our goal to provide safe, decent and affordable housing and work to reduce the impacts of the housing crisis.

The Plan's Expected Results:

  • Clear articulation of the state of housing in Oregon.
  • Clear articulation of the role of the state and the role of our partners, including other state departments, developers, and agencies working to reduce the impacts of poverty on low income people.
  • Reliable data that allows decision makers to consider impacts and alternatives.
  • Goals and metrics that can be reached with existing resources.
  • Clear direction for implementation.

How will we get this done?

Our partners and stakeholders are leaders in providing effective solutions to their communities. OHCS held communities conversations across the state to learn about community priorities and how to mobilize our resources in helping to address the statewide housing crisis.

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