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Stakeholder Outreach Resources for
2016 Qualified Allocation Plan

Over the past three years, Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) has been transforming its competitive 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) process from the Consolidated Funding Cycle (CFC) to a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA). This was accomplished by a rewrite of our Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP), Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs), and program manuals. Now that we have operated under the new process for a couple of years we are looking to make refinements to make the process easier to navigate, bring together all of the pertinent materials into a single document, and engage with stakeholders to ensure a clear, consistent, and predictable process moving forward.
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As OHCS is looking forward to the 2016 9% LIHTC competitive funding round, as well as further developing its 4% LIHTC/Tax-exempt Bond Program, we have engaged stakeholders in various roundtable discussions to get input and feedback on the current LIHTC program in an effort to formulate recommended changes to our QAP and competitive process. Throughout the process, OHCS has focused on two (2) main items that drive how we look at any LIHTC transaction:

  1. Affordability - OHCS views an award of LIHTCs as purchasing affordability for a period of time that is outlined in the land use restrictive covenants.
  2. Subsidy Layering – As the State Housing Finance Agency, OHCS has the fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the amount of subsidy that is being provided to a project is appropriate for the project's financial viability and that the project is not over subsidized based on the scope of work and accompanying sources and uses available

To that end we have been working the past few months on obtaining stakeholder input into the LIHTC program and formulating recommendations for changes in the QAP, taking into consideration all of the input we have received to date. As we move forward through the process OHCS will post materials associated with the Qualified Allocation Plan to this web page, including draft and final versions of the QAP; summaries of recommended changes; technical advisories; and any additional resources that might be helpful in keeping informed of the process, which will include vetting proposed changes to the State Housing Council; posting the draft QAP for formal public comment; and the eventual adoption of an updated QAP.

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