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Streamlined Rent Increase Request Path

OHCS's Rent Increase Requests Policy establishes four paths for rent increase requests. The Streamlined Rent Increase Path is described below.

The Streamlined Rent Increase Path is for those projects requesting up to 5% rent increases on existing and new tenants. This is the lowest barrier option requiring minimal review.

For a streamlined 5% or below rent increase request, standard project information will need to be submitted to verify program compliance of the proposed rents. Owners will be able to implement this rent increase as soon as they receive verification of compliance from OHCS (consistent with the State of Oregon notice requirements).

Path Details

A Streamlined Rent Increase Path is defined as the lesser of the maximum allowable programmatic rent limit or:
  • Up to a five percent rent increase applied to all units.​
Under the Streamlined Rent Increase Path submittal, the following criteria will be used to determine program compliance of the request.
  • A comparison of the rent request to the maximum allowable programmatic rent.
  • A review of outstanding or repeated severe compliance issues
OHCS will require the following documentation to be submitted with the Streamlined Rent Increase Path Submittal:

OHCS Rent Increase Request Form including property certification documents2​​​​

​Rent Request Form (No Bifurcation, No OAHTC)

Rent Request Form (No Bifurcation with OAHTC)

Completion Guide

OAHTC Calculation Worksheet (if applicable)

HOME Monitoring Report (if applicable)​

2​ OHCS reserves the right to deny a rent increase request if certification forms or compliance history indicates excessive risk or poor management indicators.​
​OHCS will make every effort to make an initial verification of program compliance on requests received meeting the Streamlined Rent Increase Criteria within a 30-day timeframe. These requests will not need additional approval by an internal governing body and therefore decisions are made in the most streamlined method available.

Owners wishing to request an increase meeting for the Streamlined Rent Increase path must submit the appropriate rent request form and any required supplemental information to​.

Return to OHCS Rent Increase Requests Policy webpage here.

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