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Affordable Housing Funding Resource Guide and Database

Getting started 

Many local leaders and community members throughout Oregon are seeing the need for more affordable housing. However, the process to develop affordable housing can be daunting. As the state's housing agency, Oregon Housing & Communtiy Services (OHCS) administers several funding programs that can help you create more affordable housing in your community. Below you will find a road map ending at a database to help you get started in learning the OHCS world of housing finance. This guided journey will take you through: (Below options will all be linked)

  1. The Basics 
  2. Affordable Rental Housing Development Process 
  3. General requirements for funding 
  4. Pre-development programs 
  5. Loan and Grant Programs 
  6. Tax Credit  Programs 
  7. Getting connected 
Let's get started. 

The Basics 

Below are three videos from Local Housing Solutions outlining the basics of why affordable housing is needed and affordable housing finance. There are more videos on the Local Housing Solutions website if you want to learn more

What is affordable housing? 
Introduction to affordable housing and who is affected by housing affordability challenges. 


Financing Multifamily Housing 101 

Overview of how multifamily rental housing is financed and the critical role public subsidies play in ensuring viability of properties that charge low rents. 


How to Fill the Funding Gap

Intrdocution to the types of assistance that affordabl ehousing developers use to fill the funding gap for affordable housing. 


Oregon Housing Needs Analysis 

Published in November 2022, Oregon's Housing Needs Analysis found the state must develop more than 550,000 homes over the next 20 years. 140,000 homes are needed now to address the underproduction of housing. More than half need to be affordable to those living at or below 80% area median income. Oregon also needs over 14,350 permanent supportive homes. Read the Oregon Housing Needs Analysis.

Development Timeline

An affordable housing development typically follows a six-phase process that begins after an organization has gained internal support to move forward with the project. The predevelopment phase is the first phase and refers to the period prior to the start of construction. Predevelopment can take between 1 and 5 years, with construction taking 1 to 3 years.

Development timeline.PNG

Affordable Rental Housing Development Process --->