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Supporting Tenants Accessing Rental Relief (STARR)

Get help now with rent and payments

Are you having trouble paying your rent because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Have you lost your job or lost income during the COVID-19 health crisis? Are you at risk of becoming homeless? You may be eligible to receive help with paying your rent.

The Supporting Tenants Accessing Rental Relief (STARR) program helps keep households in stable housing situations when facing eviction and other housing emergencies. The program is funded by OHCS and is provided through local Community Action Agencies in your community. Each Community Action Agency has received funding to distribute within their regions of serve. You can find a list of providers and information on how to access these funds below.

​STARR funding can be used for a variety of needs, including paying back rent, housing fees and also assisting with costs associated with being re-housed after a period of homelessness. 

STARR Funds do not require proof of documentation status and are not applicable to Public Charge determinations. 

This program is part of OHCS’ response to the COVID-19 disaster. The program intends to prevent evictions that would contribute to the spread of the virus by paying past due, current due, and future rent. The program aims to distribute these limited resources to those with the greatest needs while working to distribute funds equitably.

Please contact the appropriate Community Action Agency (see list below) for more information on fund availability and specific restrictions.
Note: If you are a landlord seeking payment for lost rent revenue, please visit the Landlord Compensation Fund

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