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Notice of Intent to Sell

There are many reasons for landlords to get into the investment of manufactured home parks, and there are just as many reasons for them to exit it. In other words, there may come a time where a property owner decides to put a park on the market and look for a buyer.

When a manufactured home park has many tenants, there are certain steps and conditions that come into play. It’s known as selling with a tenant in residence, and there are lots of things for landlords to consider before listing the manufactured home park.

Park owners need to be organized and clear with the tenants to avoid any potential anger or legal complications.

Information to consider when selling a Manufactured Home Park with Tenants
- Notify Tenant of Sale of Property
- Rights of Tenants When a Landlord Sells a House
- Communicating with Tenants


Notice of Intent

Photo: Manufactured Home in park.

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