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About Auctions and Raffles

Auction or Raffle Application Form
A nonprofit or charitable organization registered as such with the State of Oregon may obtain written approval from the OLCC to conduct an auction or raffle without a license to sell factory-sealed containers of wine, malt beverage (beer), cider, and distilled liquor (also commonly known as distilled spirits, hard liquor, and hard alcohol) for consumption off the event premises.

  1. There is no limit on the amount of wine, malt beverage, or cider that may be sold; however, no more than a total of four liters of distilled liquor may be sold.
  2. The organization must obtain OLCC approval prior to conducting the auction or raffle.
  3. The organization may conduct no more than one auction or raffle in a 12-month period.
  4. The auction or raffle may not last longer than one day (a day is from 7:00AM to 2:30AM on the succeeding calendar day).
  5. There is no OLCC fee for the written approval.
  6. Service permits are not needed for the auction or raffle.
  7. The organization may deliver or arrange for delivery of the alcoholic liquor to the residence of the successful bidder or winner.  Note that Oregon has no requirements if you wish to ship or deliver the alcoholic liquor to an individual outside of Oregon; however, the state or country in which the individual is located may have requirements
  8. To also allow consumption of alcohol on the event premises obtain a Temporary Sales License (TSL) and follow the service permit requirements. 

Type of Alcohol

  • Cider is made from the fermentation of the juice of apples or pears and contains not more than 7% alcohol.
  • Distilled liquor is any alcoholic beverage other than a wine, cider, or malt beverage.
  • Malt beverage is made from the fermentation of grain and contains not more than 14% alcohol.
  • Wine is made via the fermentation process, is not a cider or malt beverage, and contains not more than 21% alcohol.
Finding your Oregon Registry Number
A nonprofit or charitable organization registered with the State of Oregon may find its Registry Number on the Oregon Secretary of State’s Website.
Other Important Information 

  • Raffle tickets may be sold prior to the drawing; however, the drawing may be held only on the day the raffle is held and the winner is determined.
  • Raffle tickets for alcohol may not be sold or given to a minor because alcohol may not be delivered to the minor if the minor wins.
  • Alcohol must not be delivered to a visibly intoxicated person.
  • The organization may auction or raffle alcohol purchased by or donated to the organization.
  • All alcohol purchased by or donated to the organization must be imported into Oregon by the OLCC or be manufactured or imported into Oregon under a brewery, brewery-public house, distillery, grower sales privilege, winery, or wholesale malt beverage and wine license.
  • Manufacturers and wholesalers of alcohol are not allowed to deliver alcohol to the event premises (because the event has no OLCC license).
  • Find the OLCC office regulating the county in which your event will happen: OLCC Office Locations

For more information, contact your local OLCC office.

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