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FAQs: Licensing - Processor
Q:  Would pre-packaged food require ODA licensure?
  The ODA is the best source for clarification regarding its policies on such food establishments. 

Q:  ODA differentiates between a kitchen and a bakery.  Does the OLCC differentiate between the
two?A:  No.  You will require ODA certification for your operation, which is determined directly by the ODA.
Q: For storage of edibles what is required?
A:  This is included in rule.  Refer to the requirements regarding storage of marijuana products.
Q:  Can non-marijuana businesses share the commercial kitchen space of marijuana producers if there is a clear schedule?
A:  No, per Division 25 rules, non-marijuana food processing activity may not take place on the licensed premises. 
Q:  I am a processor, can I process for OMMP and OLCC at the same location? 
A:  No. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) regulates medical marijuana system and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) regulates the recreational marijuana system. Medical and recreational marijuana businesses cannot share the same physical address. If you want to sell medical grade cannabinoid products to an OLCC licensed retailer for sale to an OMMP cardholder, you must register with the OLCC to produce medical grade cannabinoid products. 
Q:   What does Medical Grade mean?  
A:  OLCC licensed processors may make products that meet the concentration limits for use by patients in the medical system. These products need to include the medical grade symbol on the product’s principal display panel. This symbol will be provided during the packaging and labeling preapproval process.  OLCC licensed retail stores can sell medical grade product to OMMP cardholders tax free, if the retailer registers with the OLCC to sell recreational marijuana for medical purposes. 
Q:   I am an OLCC licensed processor. Who can I receive marijuana from?  
A:   You can receive product from other OLCC licensees that have a Metrc account; all transfers between licensees must be done using a Metrc transfer manifest.  There is a list on the OLCC website to help you find other licensees.  Some OHA registerd growsites will also have accounts in METRC, you may be able to receive product from those registrants in the future.  
Q:  As an OLCC processor what testing, packaging and labeling rules do I need to follow?  
A:  All of the following requirements must be met:
  • Product needs to be tested by an ORELAP certified and OLCC licensed lab
  • Packages must be approved by the OLCC
Q:  How does the one time inventory transfer for a processor work?
A:  To be eligible for the one time transfer:
  • You must be listed as a processor on the OMMP website.
  • The business to be licensed by the OLCC must be the same location as the medical marijuana processing site from which the inventory is to be transferred.
Q:  Can I process items for OMMP cardholders?  
A:  Yes, OLCC processors can process useable marijuana that they receive from an OMMP cardholder for a fee.  You cannot receive more than 24 oz of useable marijuana from a single patient at a time, and can’t receive more than 3 lbs of useable marijuana per a 12 month period.