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FAQs: Licensing - Security
Q:  Does the entire tax lot for outdoor production require video surveillance?
A:  No.  OAR 845-025-1440 clarifies at which point video surveillance is required, including, but not limited to:  All limited access areas, all points of sale areas, all points of entry to or exit from limited access areas, all points of entry to or exit from the licensed premises.
Q:  I don’t believe it’s necessary for my licensed premises to meet all security requirements in the Division 25 rules.
A:  The OLCC understands that due to various circumstances, certain security requirements may not be appropriate or possible to meet.  A licensee may, in writing, request that the Commission waive one or more of the security requirements by submitting a security plan for Commission approval. The security plan must include:  The specific rules and subsections of a rule that are requested to be waived; the reason for the waiver; a description of an alternative safeguard the licensee can put in place in lieu of the requirement that is the subject of the waiver; and an explanation of how and why the alternative safeguard accomplishes the goals of the security rules, specifically public safety, prevention of diversion, accountability, and prohibiting access to minors.  For more information review OAR 845-025-1400.
Q:  Do all security measures have to be in place at the time of the inspection?
A:  Yes, all items outlined in the applicant’s approved operational plan must be in place at the time of inspection.  The investigator reviewing your application will notify you when the inspection will occur, it is not intended to be a surprise visit.  The inspection takes place at the end of the license process, just before approval. You can work with your investigator if you need an extended period of time to put the security measures in place. 
Q:  Under the security provisions am I required to put everything away overnight?
A:  Yes, this is outlined in the security section of Division 25 rules.