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FAQs: Licensing - Transportation & Delivery
Q:  What are the regulations about transporting products?  What requirements will the vehicles need to meet?  
A:  Refer to the Transportation and Delivery Section beginning with OAR 845-025-7700. All licensees should also be in compliance with Oregon Department of Transportation rules and regulations, including:
  • Motor Carrier Operating Authority: you need authority to operate in Oregon if operating a commercial vehicle with a combined weight of over 26,000 pounds, or operating vehicles less than 26,000 pounds and hauling for hire. Refer to ODOT Motor Carrier Transportation Division for operating authority requirements.
  • Vehicle Registration: Motor Carrier Transportation Division issues most commercial vehicle registration.  DMV can title commercial vehicles and register Oregon-only heavy trucks or permanent fleet vehicles weighing less than 26,000 pounds.
  • Tax Liability: Commercial vehicles with a registration weight over 26,000 pounds are subject to Weight-Mile Tax.  Fuels Tax applies to vehicles 26,000 pounds or less, which is often paid at the fuel pump.  Refer to Motor Carrier Transportation Division for tax liability information.
  • Commercial Driver’s License: A commercial driver license may be required.  Check with the DMV for CDL requirements.
  • Truck Safety:  Carriers must comply with state and federal safety regulations, including load securement requirements.
Q:  If I have a wholesale license am I limited to only transporting products in my area?
A:  No, there are no restrictions as to where licensees may transport products between license types.
Q:  How much marijuana can I transport at a time?
A:  There is no limit under OLCC Division 25 rules, however all licensees should also be in compliance with Oregon Department of Transportation rules truck safety rules and load securement requirements.
Q:  Is the $3000 limit for home deliveries the retail cost?
A:  Yes, this is at the retail level.
Q: Can you carry multiple home deliveries in the same car?
A:  Yes, however the total maximum value that may be carried in a delivery vehicle at one time is $3000 total.
Q: I’m transporting marijuana and have to make an unplanned stop that wasn’t previously on the manifest how do I notify you?
A:  Send an email to below persons and include the following information:
CC: marijuana@oregon.gov
Subject: “Marijuana Transport Notification – Stop exceeding two hours (license number)” 
In the body of the email, include the following:
• Your license number:
• The manifest number(s):
• Reason for stop:
• Date and time of stop:
• Expected date and time of departure:
• Location of stop (where the vehicle will be located):
• Any additional information you may feel is relevant
Q: If I'm staying overnight at a hotel or other unlicensed facility while transporting marijuana, can I take the marijuana into the hotel room?
A:  No, the marijuana cannot leave the transporting vehicle.