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FAQs: Medical Marijuana
Q:  If you’re currently a grower for the Medical Marijuana Program can you still participate in the OLCC Recreational marijuana program?
A:  Yes, those currently registered as growers for the Medical Marijuana Program under the OHA may still participate in the OLCC recreational program at separate locations.  If approved for the medical canopy, OLCC licenses are able to grow medical grade products without being registered under the medical program.  
Q:  I currently have a Medical Dispensary registered under the OHA.  Can I co-locate, using the same address for my OLCC licensed retail store?
A:  Currently the law does not allow co-location of dispensaries and OLCC licenses. It may be possible for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana businesses to be located in the same building that has different suites/units in the building.  However each suite/unit would need its own address and must be completely separate.  No sharing of facilities, space, or marijuana products will be permitted.
Q:  Can an OMMP grower sell products to an OLCC licensed retailer?
A:  No, all marijuana items in an OLCC licensed retail store must come from within the licensed supply chain.  However, growsites that are registered with the OHA and tracked in METRC may be able to transfer up to 20 lbs of useable marijuana per year directly to our OLCC licensed wholesalers or processors.
Q:  If I currently own a Medical Marijuana Dispensary and I apply for an OLCC license, do I have to close up my dispensary until I’ve approved?
A:  No, you may continue your medical business as normal until the time of approval, assuming you are following OHA rules.  Once approved for an OLCC retail license you must cease all medical business practices and no medical marijuana products may be located on the licensed premises.  The investigator reviewing your application will keep you informed of the status of your application, you will know when it is the appropriate time to possibly sell down all medical products to prepare for OLCC licensure.
Q:  I was selling recreational marijuana at my Medical Dispensary. Do I still need to apply for an OLCC recreational retail license, or am I grandfathered in?
A:  Medical dispensaries that were selling limited amounts of recreational marijuana were not grandfathered into the OLCC recreational marijuana program.  You are encouraged to read all OLCC Division 25 rules if you’re interested in applying for an OLCC license.
Q:  When I enter in my financial information are your asking where I obtained my funding sources when I first started my medical business?
A:  No, the intent is where you’re obtaining your current funding sources for your proposed business.
Q: Is the sales tax on marijuana 17% or 20%?
A: OLCC licensed retailers are subject to the 17% sales tax at the state level and up to an additional 3% at the local level.
Q:  Are funding sources required to be seasoned?
A:  There is no requirement for sources to be seasoned in a bank account.
Q:  Is there any benefit for potential applicants to already having a business prior to licensure?
A:  The OLCC is not giving preferential treatment to already established businesses.