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Recreational Marijuana Licensing

Current Processing Dates for Marijuana Licensing Actions

Updated May 20, 2020
New Applications:
We are currently assigning new applications from the following dates. These dates are the dates we received an approved Land Use Compatibility Statement for the associated application.
Please be advised that due to the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, “New Applications” that have dates beyond the dates below, are not currently being assigned. The OLCC is using its available resources to support our current licensees during this time.)

2/21/18               New Producer Applications
6/14/18               New Processor, Retailer, and Wholesaler Applications
Change of Ownerships:
We are currently assigning complete Change of Ownership received by the date listed. These requests include a verified new application has been submitted, and that those new applications include a new approved LUCS.  
2/20/20            Change of Ownerships for Processors
1/4/20              Change of Ownerships for Retailers
11/6/19            Change of Ownerships for Producers and Wholesalers
Other Changes:
We are currently assigning other complete change requests (Change of Location, Endorsement Changes, etc.) from the dates listed. These requests include an approved LUCS for the change, if required.
1/16/20              Other Changes (Location Endorsements, etc.) for Retailers, Processors, and Labs
11/22/19            Other Changes (Location Endorsements, etc.) for Producers and Wholesalers
For applications that are awaiting reassignment, after submitting all outstanding documentation to make their file eligible. We are currently reassigning applications made eligible from the following dates.
8/15/19              Reassignment for Retailers, Processors, and Labs
8/20/19              Reassignment for Producers and Wholesalers
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Marijuana Licensing Program Update

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Online License Application for Recreational Marijuana

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Business Readiness Guidebook for Oregon Recreational Marijuana Operations

Business Readiness Guidebook for Oregon Recreational Marijuana Operations 

The Business Readiness Guidebook is intended to provide applicants and licensees with knowledge and tools for establishing and operating OLCC-licensed recreational marijuana businesses. Businesses that follow the guidance in this book will be better prepared to operate responsibly, successfully, and in compliance with Oregon laws and OLCC rules.

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Research (Certificate)

The OLCC, in coordination with the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Agriculture, will review the initial submission of research certificate proposals.  The proposal provides an organization the opportunity to pose a cannabis research question, as well as detail the research process and testing protocol, and outline the research budget.
Additional information will be posted on the OLCC Recreational Marijuana website about the research proposal submission and review process.   Research certificate proposals will need to be submitted using the OLCC Recreational Marijuana online application.
Please be aware that some information submitted is a public record and subject to Oregon’s Public Record Laws.  The OLCC recommends reading the Federal Code on Protection of Human Research Subjects (45 CFR Part 46) prior to preparing and submitting any proposal.
Although an OLCC licensee will be able to donate cannabis for use with this certificate, the research certificate does not allow its holder to sell cannabis.  All cannabis certified and managed under the research certificate will be required to use OLCC’s Cannabis Tracking System.  Please read OLCC’s Temporary Rules for additional information on the certificate requirements.  Oregon HB3400 which was the basis for creating the certificate also provides information on the intent of the certificate program.
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Marijuana License Application Renewal Forms

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Marijuana Worker Permit

The Marijuana Worker permit is required for persons working in the OLCC licensed recreational marijuana industry. A criminal background check will be required.

Get your Marijuana Worker Permit
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Marijuana License Application Statistics

Marijuana License Application Statistics
The report of applications received are organized by county of the proposed premises and include any applications within a municipality within that county. Also includes a summary of total license applications.
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For More Information

For more information:

Phone: 503-872-5000; 800-452-6522
Email: marijuana@oregon.gov​

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