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Recreational Marijuana Licensing

Current Processing Dates for Marijuana Licensing Actions

New Applications:
We are currently assigning new applications from the following dates. These dates are the dates we received an approved Land Use Compatibility Statement for the associated application.

Note: OLCC is currently reaching out to new applicants to inquire about their readiness to complete the licensing process. Our rules require that applicants complete the licensing process within 60 days of being assigned to a license investigator, so we are proactively focusing our resources to identify and investigate applications that can meet that timeline. Applicants who are not ready when we contact them are given the opportunity to estimate a date when they will be ready to complete the licensing process to help us plan for future workloads.

3/30/18                Producer Applications
6/6/19                  Wholesaler Applications
8/29/18                Processor Applications
11/5/18                Retailer Applications

Change of Ownerships:
We are currently assigning complete Change of Ownerships received by the date listed. These requests include a verified new application has been submitted, and that those new applications include a new approved LUCS.

8/13/20                Change of Ownerships for Retailers and Processors
5/26/20                Change of Ownerships for Producers and Wholesalers

Other Changes:
We are currently assigning other complete change requests (Change of Location, Endorsement Changes, etc.) from the dates listed. These requests include an approved LUCS for the change, if required.

8/13/20                Other Changes (Location, Endorsements, etc.) for Retailers, Processors, and Labs
7/15/20                  Other Changes (Location, Endorsements, etc.) for Producers and Wholesalers

OLCC has reached out to all applicants that are eligible for reassignment to inquire about their readiness to complete the licensing process.

Marijuana Licenses

All License Types
Approved Marijuana Licenses (PDF)
Approved Marijuana Licenses (Excel)
Licensed Retailers
Approved Marijuana Licensed Retailers (PDF)
Approved Marijuana Licensed Retailers (Excel)

Marijuana License Application Statistics

Marijuana License Application Statistics
The report of applications received are organized by county of the proposed premises and include any applications within a municipality within that county. Also includes a summary of total license applications.

License Types, Forms & Resources

Business Readiness Guidebook for Oregon Recreational Marijuana Operations 

The Business Readiness Guidebook is intended to provide applicants and licensees with knowledge and tools for establishing and operating OLCC-licensed recreational marijuana businesses. Businesses that follow the guidance in this book will be better prepared to operate responsibly, successfully, and in compliance with Oregon laws and OLCC rules.




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