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OLCC Community Partners
Responsible sales and service of alcohol requires a collaborative effort. The OLCC works with many community partners which are essential in fostering an environment that keeps communities safe and livable, and helps Oregon businesses grow and be successful. This list contains some of the OLCC's local, national and global partnerships. 

Our List of Partners
Alcohol Justice  Alcohol Justice (formerly the Marin Institute) is an alcohol industry watchdog, that uses research and media to advocate for responsible alcohol advertising and marketing.
Bartenders Guild 

The Oregon Bartenders Guild helps bring together like-minded bar professionals and amateur mixologists, and to help raise awareness of Oregon bartending within the state and around the world.
Brewers Guild
The Oregon Brewers Guild is a non-profit organization with the primary goal of promoting the common interests of the members and the brewing industry in Oregon.
Catering and Event Professionals 
The Association of Catering and Event Professionals is comprised of caterers, facilities, entertainment, rental and décor companies, and more.
Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth  The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth monitors the marketing practices of the alcohol industry to focus attention and action on industry practices that jeopardize the health and safety of America's youth.
Century Council 
The Century Council is a leader in the fight against drunk driving and underage drinking and promotes responsible decision making regarding beverage alcohol. Founded in 1991 and funded by distillers, the Century Council is a national, independent, not-for-profit organization headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, chaired by the Honorable Susan Molinari. An independent National Advisory Board comprised of distinguished leaders in education, medicine, government, business, and other relevant disciplines assists us in the development of programs and policies.
Chiefs of Police
The Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police is a non-profit consortium of managers in the State of Oregon that encourages the adherence of all police officers to the highest professional standards of conduct and performance. The OACP's membership includes 511 active, associate, honorary, life and retired members representing cities, special districts, state, railroad, tribal and federal law enforcement entities serving within Oregon. 

Crook County Community Coalition (C4) & Reducing Underage Drinking (RUDI)

Supporting one another in creating a safe, healthy and drug free Crook County.
Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) 

The Distilled Spirits Council is the national trade association representing many distillers and nearly 70% of all distilled spirits brands sold in this country. The Distilled Spirits Council's Code of Responsible Practices has embodied the high standards and commitment to responsibility that have been the touchstone of DISCUS member company advertising practices.
Distillers Guild  The Oregon Distillers Guild is the nation’s first distillers guild. The ODG was founded in 2007 as a non-profit organization with 501c6 status. Our agenda consists of promoting Oregon spirits both locally and nationally, promoting Oregon as the premier tourist destination for spirit afficionados, and supporting legislative agendas beneficial to our industry and the small business community.
District Attorneys Association The mission of the Oregon District Attorneys Association is to uphold the United States Constitution and the Constitution and laws of the State of Oregon, to preserve the safety of the public, to protect the rights of crime victims and to pursue justice for all citizens with skill, honor and integrity.
Gang Violence Task Force  The Gang Violence Task Force is a group of committed partners who have come together to develop solutions, interventions and prevention strategies to reduce gang - related violence and crime in Multnomah County.   
Governor's Advisory Committee on DUII
The Governor’s Advisory Committee on Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants is tasked with helping raise awareness of the dangers of DUII and getting communities more involved in reducing DUII.
Health Authority - Addictions and Mental Health/Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws 
Oregon’s Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL) program is designed to address local, county and statewide needs for preventing underage drinking through a multi-faceted approach. Through local and county prevention projects, statewide media messages on the issues of underage drinking laws and laws related to furnishing alcohol to minors and other partnerships, Oregon’s EUDL program is making a difference. 
Human Trafficking In Our Backyard In Our Backyard (IOB) works to eradicate human trafficking through partnerships with top law enforcement, businesses, nonprofits and government agencies. IOB places Freedom Stickers in public restrooms across the country, providing hope and a pathway to freedom for victims of human trafficking.
Impaired Driving Program - Oregon Department of Transportation Safety
ODOT's Impaired Driving Program works to reduce drunk and drugged driving through education and training.
Jefferson County Prevention
The mission of Jefferson County Prevention is community partnerships to reduce substance abuse among youth and adults in Jefferson County.
Korean- American Grocers Association 
The Korean-Amerian Grocers Association is an advocacy organization for Korean-American business owners.
League of Oregon Cities  The League of Oregon Cities is formed by an intergovernmental agreement among all of Oregon's 242 incorporated cities.
Lines for Life  Lines for Life (formerly Oregon Partnership) offers resources including 24-hour crisis lines, to the community to deal with alcohol and other substance abuse, post-traumatice stress, suicide prevention, military suicide, prescription drug abuse, youth education on drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, as well as parenting resources for substance abuse prevention.
National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA)  The National Alcohol Beverage Control Association represents Control State Systems - those jurisdictions that directly control the distribution and sale of beverage alcohol within their borders by providing resources, compiling research, and fostering relationships to address policy for the responsible sale and service of alcoholic beverages. 
National Conference of State Liquor Administrators (NCSLA) The National Conference of State Liquor Administrators members are charged with promoting and enhancing the most effective and equitable types of state alcoholic beverage control laws; devising and promoting the use of methods which provide the best enforcement of the particular alcoholic beverage control laws in each state; working for the adoption of uniform laws insofar as they may be practicable; promoting harmony with the federal government in its administration of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act; and striving for harmony in the administration of the alcoholic beverage control laws among the several states.
Neighborhood Store Association 

The Oregon Neighborhood Store Association represents the Neighborhood Store Industry through legislation, awareness, and education.
MADD - Mothers Agains Drunk Driving 
Mothers Against Drunk Driving® (MADD) is the nation’s largest nonprofit working to protect families from drunk driving and underage drinking.

Office of Neighborhood Involvement 
The mission of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement is to promote a culture of civic engagement by connecting and supporting all Portlanders working together and with government to build inclusive, safe and livable neighborhoods and communities.
Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST)
The Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) promotes excellence in public safety by delivering quality training and developing and upholding professional standards for police, fire, corrections, parole and probation, and telecommunications personnel. The department also administers certification / licensure of private security constituents in accordance with ORS 181.870-991. The private security industry is regulated to ensure the interests of the public are adequately served and protected, and to uphold the professionalism and integrity of the industry.
Restaurant and Lodging Association
The Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association represents over 3,500 members, and advocates for over 9,000 foodservice locations and 2,500 lodging establishments in Oregon. Their mission is to advocate, protect, educate and promote the foodservice and lodging industry. 
Shared Future Coalition, Deschutes County
Here in Deschutes County, we have a strong sense of independence along with a shared interest in a safe, healthy and prosperous community. The Shared Future Coalition contributes to the well-being of our County by fostering legal and safe alcohol use in our communities. We invite you to become more informed about the impacts of high risk drinking. Join our efforts and start making a difference today!
Sheriffs' Association
The mission of the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association is to promote, protect, preserve, enhance and support the Office of Sheriff as conservator of the peace in providing public safety services to the citizens of Oregon.   
State Police  The mission of the Department of Oregon State Police to enhance livability and safety by protecting the people, property and natural resources of the state.
Wine Board The Oregon Wine Board is a semi-independent Oregon state agency managing marketing, research and education initiatives that support and advance the Oregon wine and wine grape industry. The Board works on behalf of all Oregon wineries and independent growers throughout the state’s diverse winegrowing regions.