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Camp Rilea Armed Forces Training Center

About Us

On behalf of the Oregon Military Department, welcome to Camp Rilea Armed Forces Training Center. This State of Oregon military installation has been serving the Pacific Northwest for the last 90 years. Comprising of 3000 acres, it offers both military and civilian users training options because of its location and facilities. Encompassing broad dune and woodland areas, firing ranges, barracks, and other facilities, plus a broad ocean front, Camp Rilea has many opportunities for diversified training. We are sure you find this post suitable for your training needs. 

Our Mission

Our State mission is to provide community service support and serve as the regional base for Oregon's North Coast emergency response and recovery operations. In addition, to integrate into the State Joint Operations Plan (JEOP).

Our Federal mission is to provide facilities and resources required for a level III Training Center and support the 249 regional Institute course. In addition, to ensure a training environment that contributes to a high degree of readiness and military capability for the armed forces of the United States of Oregon. 

Camp Rilea 


Camp Rilea Contact Us

Camp Rilea Armed Forces Training Center
33168 Patriot Way
Warrenton, Oregon  97146-9711

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Sunday
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Phone: 503-836-4052 

Note: If you do not reach an agent immediately, please leave a short, detailed message and clear phone number. Your call will be returned in the order that it was received.

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