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Save A Historic Site
Save A Historic Site!
Do you know of an old building, cemetery, or archaeological site that you believe should be saved for the future? Everything from grain elevators and wagon trails, to headstones and schools tell a story about your community's unique history, identity, and cultural, and should be considered for some type of preservation. Below are some ways that you can preserve your favorite historic place -- do one or do them all!

Identify It!
Identify It!The first step in preserving any type of historic site is to find its exact location and report it to the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and also to your local city or county government if they maintain a list of historic resources. Before reporting the resource, you can check the Oregon Historic Sites Database and Oregon Historic Cemteries List online to see if the property has already been identified and inventoried by the SHPO.
I've Found a Historic Site -- What Should I Do?

Contact the SHPO Now!          
Check the Oregon Historic Sites Database    
Check the Oregon Historic Cemteries List                 
Complete a Historic Resource Record (HRR)             Complete an Oregon Historic Cemetery Survey 
Below-ground, archaeological site                      
Call (503)986-0674
Building, structure, landscape, etc.

Document It!
The next step in preserving a historic resource is to document or research the resource. You'll want to gather factual information about the resource, such as what does it look like, how old is it, who built or installed the resource and why it was constructed. For houses and commerical buildings, look for information about previous owners, residents, businesses that occupied the building. Once you've documented the resource, give this infromation to the SHPO, your local city or county planning office, and your local historical society.
Sources for researching a historic site:
-> Researching a Historic Property 
-> Heritage Bulletin #12 (Research Tips and Sources) 
-> History and Archaeology Library 

List It!
Officially registrating a historic resource with one or more local, state, or federal programs in another way of preserving a historic site. While registering a site is usually just an honorific designation designed to bring recognition and attention to a specific place, sometimes registering a site can provide a level of physical protection to a resource. For whichever list you'd like to register a resource you'll want to look closely at the eligibility requirements first and contact the appropriate program coordinator for more details.
-> National Register of Historic Places 
-> Oregon Historic Cemteries List 
-> Century Farm and Ranch Program 
-> Your local city or county historic resource list (usually local planning department)

Preserve It!
Preservering a historic site can take many forms, from the physical rehabiliation of a building to a cemetery clean-up or a biking tour! Preservation projects like these often can be funded through matching grant programs offered through local and state programs. See below to learn more.
-> Technical and Rehabilitation Assistance (coming soon!)
-> Technical Preservation Services, National Park Service 
-> Cemetery Preservation 
-> Archaeology Preservation 

Identify It

* Cemetery Survey Form
* Historic Resource Record
* OR Hist Sites Database

Document It!

* Heritage Bulletin #12
* Researching a Hist Prop

List It!

* National Register
* Hist Cemetery List
* Century Farm & Ranch

Preserve It!

Heritage Bulletin #9
* Cemtery Preservation
* Archaeology Preservation