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National Register Benefits and Responsibilities
Benefits and Restrictions of Listing
Yale Union Laundry Building, Portland
Yale Union Laundry Building, Portland
The National Register of Historic Places is a federal program administered at the state level by the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). No restrictions are imposed by the State of Oregon or the federal government on listed properties in private ownership unless the owner(s) elect to take advantage of federal or state tax programs or grants. As required under Oregon State law, however, all local governments must protect properties listed in the National Register. Because local laws vary greatly from place to place, contact the appropriate local planning office for the latest regulations concerning listed properties. See below for more information about benefits for properties listed in National Register.

For More Information
National Register Program - SHPO webpage about the National Register and how to list a property 
Benefits and Responsibilities of National Register Listing [pdf] - Describes what programs are available to property owners with National Register-listed properties and applicable land-use laws 
Historic District Fact Sheet [pdf] - Describes what property owners need to know about historic districts and their rights and responsibilities

Owners of properties listed in the National Register may ask for an official certificate of designation for display and/or purchase a bronze plaque that can be placed on their building. Note both the name of the resource as it appears on the National Register nomination and the date it was placed on the National Register. Property owners are not required to obtain a certificate or purchase a plaque.

For More Information
National Register Plaque Manufacturers [pdf] - List of known suppliers of National Register plaques

Eligibility for Federal Tax Credit
The SHPO administers a federal tax credit program that can save building owners twenty percent of the cost of rehabilitating their National Register-listed commercial, industrial, or rental residential building. The requirements of this program can be complex and not all listed properties are eligible for the tax credit.

For More Information
Federal Tax Credit Program - SHPO website describing the Federal Tax Credit Program and how to apply for the credit
Federal Tax Credit Fact Sheet [pdf] - Fact sheet describing the Federal Tax Credit Program

Consideration in Planning for Federal Projects
Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 requires that federal agencies allow for the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation to have an opportunity to comment on all federally licensed, permitted, or funded projects affecting historic properties listed in the National Register. The Section 106 Review and Compliance Program is administered by the SHPO.

For More Information
Section 106 Review and Compliance Program - SHPO website describing the Section 106 process

Eligibility for Oregon State Tax Incentive
The Special Assessment for Historic Properties state tax incentive program allows owners of properties listed in the National Register to have a "freeze" placed on the assessed value of the property for a 10-year period. The program is designed to assist property owners in the preservation of historic resources. State law requires property owners to submit a preservation plan for the building and to install an identification plaque. After completion of the first term, owners have the opportunity to apply for an additional 10-year freeze.

For More Information
Special Assessment for Historic Properties Program - SHPO webpage describing the Special Assessment Program and how to apply 
Special Assessment Fact Sheet [pdf] - Fact sheet describing the Special Assessment Program

Building Code Leniency
Under Section 3403.5 of the Uniform Building Code/Oregon Structural Specialty Code, National Register properties, and other certified historic buildings, are eligible to be considered for waivers of certain normal code requirements in the interest of preserving the integrity of the property.

Competitive "Preserving Oregon" historic rehabilitation grants are available through the Heritage Conservation Division for properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The office also offers other grants to support resources not listed in the National Register and for heritage education efforts.

For More Information
Oregon Grants - SHPO webpage describing all grants offered through the office

Benefits Fact Sheet

-National Register Benefits and Restrictions

Tax Programs

-Federal Tax Credit
-Oregon State Tax Incentive

State Grants

-Preserving Oregon Grants
-Historic Cemetery Grants
-Heritage Grants
-Grants for Local Governments