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Jackson County History Books and Publications

The following are books and studies written during the past 50 years that deal primarily with Jackson County history or communities in Jackson County.  If you have additional books to suggest, please complete this form.  You may also use this [ PDF ] form.
This listing is merely to inform people of some of the available history books and studies. It is not an endorsement of any or all of the publications.

Atwood, Katherine. Historical Resources Inventory and Protection Plan, Ashland, OR. Ashland: City of Ashland, 1988-1990. Notes, maps, bibliography, 45 pages.  
This document is a study of Ashland and the historic resources in the Siskiyou-Hargadine and Skidmore Academy Districts between 1850 and 1940. A brief history is included, but the majority of the document is dedicated to identifying and evaluating the resources within the two study areas. PDF  [2.5 MB]

Beckham, Stephen Dow, "Historical Landscape Overview of the Upper Klamath River Canyon of Oregon and California." Portland: U.S. Bureau of Land Management, 2006. Photos, tables, bibliography, appendices. 220 pages.   
PDF [41 MB] 

This gives the historical contest for this region from Noative American era through exploration, pioneer settlementransportation, logging, public works, tourism and recreation eras.  Includes areas of Klamath, Jackson and Siskiyou counties. 

Budy, Elizabeth E. Lands North of the Wild Rogue: An Historical Overview of the
People and Events North of the Wild Rogue River.  Medford: Bureau of Land Management, Medford District, 2001. Maps, illustrations, photographs, bibliography. 100 pages. 
A Bureau of Land Management-sponsored cultural resources survey of the Wild Rogue watershed north of the Rouge River, approximately 16 miles from the Rogue River Ranch east to the Grave Creek Bridge. This thorough study traces the development of the area from initial exploration through its current management by the federal government. An index of area place names is included. PDF  [4.8 MB] 
Douthit, Nathan. Uncertain Encounters: Indians and Whites at Peace and War in Southern Oregon, 1820s-1860s. Corvallis: OSU Press, 2002. Maps, photographs, bibliography, index, notes. 248 pages.
Investigates the Hudson’s Bay Company’s fur-trade relations with southern Oregon Indians, white exploration, early Indian-white encounters, their war, and the ultimate removal of Indians to reservations. Highlights development of middle-ground relationships between Indian women and white men during and after removal.
Dunn, Joy B. ed. Land in Common: An Illustrated History of Jackson County, Oregon. Medford: Southern Oregon Historical Society, 1993. Photographs, illustrations, notes, index. 178 pages.
A scholarly pictorial history divided chronologically into chapters that discuss exploration, initial settlement, development, the growth of the orchard industry, Camp White and other topics. Each chapter is written by a different author, and is scholarly in approach and well- cited and –illustrated.
Evans, Gail, and Kay Atwood. Frank Chamberlain Clark Survey. Medford: Jackson
County Board of Commissioners, 1983. 32 pages. 
This is an overview of the life of designer Fran Chamberlain Clark and his work in the Rogue River Valley from 1903 to 1957, the year of his death. Included in the report is a list of Chamberlain’s attributed works, including residential, commercial, institutional, and agricultural buildings. Identified resources are ranked according to their eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places. PDF [1.3 MB] 
Foley, Anne E. Lincoln on the Greensprings: A History. Medford: Southern Oregon Historical Society, 1985. Maps, photographs, bibliography. 39 pages.
A history of Lincoln, a lumber town located east of Ashland, from the mid-19th century through the publication of the book. The author uses memoirs, oral and written histories, and local documents to document the settlement and growth of the town.
Fowler, Connie, and J.B. Roberts, Buncom: Crossroads Station. Buncom: Buncom Historical Society, 1995.  Maps, photographs, index. 
History of the mining town of Buncom and the surrounding Little Applegate Valley.
Hegne, Barbara. Country Folk: Butte Falls, Derby, Dudley. Self Published, 1989. Photographs, endnotes. 119 pages.
An account of the Butte Falls-Derby-Dudley area through oral histories as told by a local resident. A competent source for primary source information; however, the information provided is specific to the individuals providing it.
Jackson County. Statewide Inventory of Historic Sites and Buildings: Jackson County. Medford: Jackson County, 1976. Photographs, illustrations. 123 pages
Collection of survey documents for individual properties in Jackson County. Entries include address, physical description, and narrative history for each resource. Scan made from poor-quality photocopies. PDF  [14 MB] 
Jackson County Planning Department. Jackson County Cultural and Historical Resource Survey. Medford: Jackson County Planning Department, 1992. Maps, photographs, bibliography, appendixes. 81 pages. 
This broad document is a county-wide inventory of important historic and cultural resources in Jackson County and expands on previous studies completed in the late 1970s. Included is a brief history of the county between 1826 and 1946, including a list of prominent individuals. The majority of the study is dedicated to identifying different types of historic resources related to the county’s growth and development and providing guidelines for evaluating and preserving these properties. Appendixes include a list of National Register listed and eligible resources, a history of irrigation and mining ditch history, and a “resource cross reference index.” PDF  [5.1 MB] 
Kramer, George. Camp White: City in the Agate Desert. Camp White: The Camp White 50th Anniversary Committee, 1992. Photographs, bibliography, index. 126 pages.
A history of the Camp White military base, established in 1941 and the surrounding community. This book is well-written and –researched. 
Kramer, George. Historic Context Statement for the City of Talent, OR. Talent: City of Talent, 1994. Maps, photographs, notes, bibliography. 93 pages.  
This document is a study of Talent and its historic resources between 1851 and 1944. A brief history is included, but the majority of the document is dedicated to identifying and evaluating the resources within the study area. A list of prominent Talent citizens during this time is included. PDF  [6 MB]
Kramer, George. Mining in Southwestern Oregon: A Historic Context Statement.
Report No. 234. Medford: Heritage Research Associates, 1999. Maps, photographs, illustrations, endnotes, bibliography, index. 127 pages. 
This report is a history of the importance of the gold mining industry in Jackson, Josephine, Douglas and Coos counties, with a specific focus on the Rouge River Valley. The narrative addresses gold mining in the west and provides a general timeline. The majority of the text is dedicated to a description of mining practices. Other topics include the economic impacts of the gold industry; mining during the Depression, World War II, and since the 1960s; and the mining of other metals and minerals. A brief section identifies types of historic buildings and structures associated with mining and how to evaluate their eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places. PDF  [8.7 MB] 
Kramer, George. Old Stage Road Historic & Scenic Corridor. Jacksonville: Westside Neighbors Association, 1995
A collection of materials assembled by the Westside Neighbors Association, Jacksonville, for presentation to the Jackson County Public Works Department regarding “modifications to the Old Stage Road Corridor.” The Old Stage Road is located in the area of Jacksonville, and was one of the county’s earliest public roads. Included are evaluations of eligibility for the road’s listing in the National Register of Historic Places and an inventory of resources, among other items, including correspondence. PDF [6.4 MB] 
LaLande, Jeff. Little Butte Creek Watershed: An Overview of its Environmental
History. Medford: National Park Service, 1997. Bibliography. 15 pages
A brief history of the Little Butte Creek watershed, located in the Rogue River National Forest, from pre-contact through the 1960s. Information about climate, geography, and human activities is included. PDF [1.2 MB] 
Medford Planning Department. Medford Oregon: Historic Context 1846-1946.
Medford: Medford Planning Department, 1993. Notes, photographs, maps, bibliography. 87 pages.  
This document is a study of Medford and its historic resources between 1846 and 1946. A brief history is included, but the majority of the document is dedicated to identifying and evaluating the resources within the study area. A list of prominent Medford citizens during this time is included. PDF [7.2 MB]
Rogue River National Forest. Recollections: People and the Forest. 3 Vols. Medford: Rouge River National Forest, 1990.
A three-volume set of typed oral history transcripts of persons involved with the history of the Rogue River Valley, specifically the national forest located there, during the twentieth century. Questions are provided along with the responses. This is a good primary source for first-person accounts.
Tucker, Kathy, Roads and Trails in Oregon, 1848-1930, Klamath Falls: Bureau of Land Management, 2001.  Footnotes, photos. 46 pages. 
This examines the written and landscape record for roads that are today Highways 62, 66 and 140 in Klamath and Jackson counties. This was prepared by students at Portland State University. PDF [1.7 MB] 
Webber, Bert, and Margie Webber. Historic Jacksonville: Alive and Well. Medford: Webb Research Group, 1990. Photographs, index. 130 pages.
A collection of photographs of prominent Jacksonville historic landmarks. Each photo is accompanied with a discursive caption. Limited research information provided.
Weiss, Robert M. Laurelhurst: Lost Community of the Upper Rogue. Eagle Point: Laurelhurst Publications, 1991. Photographs, footnotes, bibliography, index. 148 pages.
A community history of the now abandoned Laurelhurst community. Largely based on oral histories, the book details the life experiences of the community’s members. Sources are well-cited and handled in a scholarly manor. A good resource for primary source information.

White, Laura C., Brian L. O’Neill and Thomas J. Connolly. Cultural Resource Inventory of PP&L’s Eugene-Medford 500 kV Transmission Line; Lane, Douglas and Jackson Counties, Oregon. Eugene: State Museum of Anthropology, OSMA Report 94-3, revised 1998. Tables, figures, photographs, maps, bibliography and appendices. 406 pages.

This document presents the final results of cultural resource inventories conducted by the Oregon State Museum of Anthropology (OSMA) along Pacific Power and Light’s Eugene – Medford 500 kV transmission line. The inventory included paleontological, prehistoric and historic studies within the transmission corridor and nearby environs. Portions of this file have been redacted to meet Oregon law (ORS 192.501(11)). PDF [75.8 MB]