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Coastal Plans
Coastal Plans
The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) works on a variety of coastal resource planning efforts ranging from rocky shore site management planning to a conservation plan for a threatened species, the Western Snowy Plover. OPRD also participates with its partner agencies and stakeholders in statewide coastal and nearshore planning efforts that have the potential to impact recreational and natural resources of Oregon’s Ocean Shore Recreation Area.

Ocean Shore Management Plan
Sisters to Devils
The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) has planned for its Ocean Shore jurisdiction.  The plan is a comprehensive look at all of OPRD's regulatory and management responsibilities for the Ocean Shore, and the Ocean Shore Management Plan.
The Plan aims to ...
  • Take a "big picture" view of OPRD´s beach jurisdiction, including over 200 miles of sandy beach in seven counties
  • Strike a balance between resource protection and allowance for human uses
  • Open a forum for discussions with our beach neighbors, visitors and governmental partners about beach management issues
  • Support a proactive approach to addressing a variety of challenging issues for Oregon's coastal beaches
  • Provide a basis for future partnership efforts to care for Oregon's beaches
  • Lay the basis for future OPRD decision-making about beach management
To view the plan, click on link below.
Ocean Shore Management Plan 2005

Rocky Shore Management Plans
The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) is working on developing Rocky Shore Areas Site Management Plans for high use rocky intertidal areas adjacent to state parks. The focus of these plans is on improving park management based on existing authorities and responsibilities. No new rules or designations are being proposed. The plans will be used by OPRD staff, in consultation with its partners, to guide future rocky shore resource and recreation management, as well as minor facility improvements (e.g., trail maintenance, informational signage) and to enhance on-site interpretive opportunities.

Completed Plans
Sunset Bay Management Unit Rocky Shore Areas 
Devil's Punchbowl State Natural Area and Seal Rock State Recreation Site

Draft Plans
Harris Beach Management Unit Rocky Shores Area 

Territorial Sea Plan 
ODFW Nearshore Strategy 
Rocky Shore Management in Oregon:  Status and Trends of Resources, Uses and Management
A July 2006 report was prepared for the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department during a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Coastal Management Fellowship held by Laurel Hillmann.  The document is too large to fit online; however, a pdf version of the entire report is available on CD.  Please send an e-mail to: laurel.hillmann@state.or.us to request a copy.

Habitat Conservation Plan for Western Snowy Plovers

Management of the Ocean Shore, for which the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) has responsibility and authority, may negatively affect snowy plover and their habitat resulting in take of the species as defined under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Therefore, OPRD has developed a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) in order to receive an Incidental Take Permit (ITP) from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The permit provides OPRD with the long-term assurance that the department will be able to keep beaches open to recreation (except for a few sandy dunes where plovers nest) as long as we improve plover habitat in a few, high-priority spots on the coast.
Frequently Asked Questions: North Coast Edition
Map of plover recovery areas

Clatsop Spit news release
Map of Clatsop Spit proposal

Necanicum Spit news release

Nehalem Spit news release
Map of Nehalem Spit proposal
To view the final reports, click on links below.
Habitat Conservation Plan, August 2010 
Environmental Impact Statement Volume I, August 2010 
Table of Contents and Executive Summary 
Chapter 1 -- Purpose and Need
Chapter 2 -- Alternatives
Chapter 3 -- Affected Environment, Consequences, Effects
Chapter 4 -- References
Environmental Impact Statement Volume II, August 2010 
Response to Comments
Chapter 1-4 -- Introduction, Master, Federal, State Agencies Comments and Responses
Chapter 5-8 -- Local, Non-Government, General Public Responses and Comments, References 
For more information on the western snowy plover and the HCP, see "Western Snowy Plover and the Oregon Coast."
Climate Change Response Planning
OPRD has taken a proactive role in preparing for climate change. The department established a project team to examine the issue and prepare a draft plan as a way to meet the Governor’s Climate Change Integration Group (CCIG) recommendation that “agencies should meaningfully incorporate projected climate change impacts and preparation planning into all of their existing programs and policies.”   
The purposes of preparing a climate change response plan as identified by the OPRD project team are to:
  1. identify underlying assumptions regarding climate variability and trends;
  2. start to define the potential range of impacts from  projected climate change and assess the risks to natural ecosystems, infrastructure, recreational use, human communities, and cultural resources, particularly as they relate to OPRD property and functions;
  3. develop a strategy that  prepares the department to adapt to anticipated conditions influenced by climate change and to mitigate for factors leading to climate change;
  4. promote coordination and consistency with the climate response plans of other state agencies; and
  5. position the department to take advantage of potential funding sources for research, planning, and response.
Click here for the Climate Change Response Preparedness and Action Plan.

Statewide Planning Efforts
Oregon is currently engaged in a variety of ocean planning and management activities.  A state developed website, “Oregon Ocean Information”, will help you learn about these activities and about opportunities to be involved.  OPRD staff participates in planning that has the potential to impact the resources of Oregon’s Ocean Shore Recreation Area, including Territorial Sea Planning and Marine Reserves Planning.

Staff Contacts
For more information about rocky shore planning or OPRD participation in statewide planning efforts or climate change planning, please contact Laurel Hillmann at laurel.hillmann@state.or.us.
For more information about implementation of the ocean shore management plan and the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP), please contact Calum Stevenson at calum.stevenson@state.or.us.