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Cape Lookout State Park Plan
Cape Lookout State Park Plan
The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) has been working on a new plan for Cape Lookout State Park located on the Tillamook County coast. For several decades, the ocean shoreline that fronts the developed area of the park north of the cape has been receding, causing OPRD to abandon or relocate some of the park facilities. Although one section of the eroding shoreline has since been stabilized by the construction of an artificial dune designed to mimic natural conditions, the shoreline has continued to recede elsewhere in the park. The primary purpose of the planning process is to plan for any future development or management actions needed to adjust to the eroding shoreline, while continuing to offer safe and enjoyable recreation opportunities that are suitable for the park setting.
Last year a draft plan for the park was released for public review.  Meetings with a Stakeholder Committee and the general public were held in September 2011 to discuss the draft.  Following the public review only minor, non-substantive changes were made before the draft plan was presented to the Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission at their November 16 meeting.  The Commission unanimously concurred with the content of the draft plan, and directed staff to proceed with the adoption process.  The Commission review draft, dated November, 2011, can be viewed at the link below.

Public Hearing Scheduled
The draft plan is now proposed for adoption through the state rulemaking process pursuant to OAR Chapter 736 Division 18.  A rulemaking hearing (view notice at the link below) has been scheduled for:
April 10, 2012
6:00 p.m.
Netarts-Ocreanside RFD Community Hall
1235 Fifth Street Loop
Netarts, Oregon

Written Comment Period
Following the April 10 public hearing, the hearing record will remain open for 30 days, through May 10, 2012, during which written comments on the draft plan may be submitted to the staff contact lsted below.

What is proposed in the draft plan?
Under the new plan, OPRD will consider the merits and feasibility of expanding shoreline stabilization efforts to protect more of the existing park facilities for a longer time, realizing however, that erosion and ocean flooding will probably eventually necessitate abandonment of more facilities. OPRD would favor stabilization methods and materials that appear natural, similar to the existing artificial dune that now protects most of the campground. In the meantime, OPRD will take steps to become more prepared for emergencies. New access routes for emergency response and evacuation will be constructed. Facilities critical to the continued operation of the park which are most vulnerable to ocean hazards, such as the access to the campground, will be relocated to safer ground. The plan calls for development of new campground facilities, together with a new park entrance and registration area, on higher ground east of the existing development. A new trail system will connect the new campground to the ocean shore. Beach access parking, which is now concentrated by the picnic area, will eventually be redistributed to new beach access parking areas, allowing the existing parking lot to be downsized. The reclaimed parking area will be landscaped for expansion of the adjacent picnic area, hiker biker camp and cabin area. Natural resource management projects are planned in and around the park development and in certain outlying areas of the park. Forests that were replanted after clearcut logging a half century ago need thinning to promote succession to healthy forest conditions. Restoration work is planned for two stream systems near the park development to support spawning and rearing of salmon. Weed control is needed in several areas close to the park development.

View the Draft Plan
Draft Plan Text (Maps can be viewed separately at links below.)
List of Maps
Map 1-1: Cape Lookout State Park Orientation 
Map 2-1: Vicinity 
Map 2-2: Existing Roads and Trails, Cape Lookout State Park 
Map 2-3: Existing Facilities, Cape Lookout Core Area 
Map 3-1: Netarts Littoral Cell Vicinity 
Map 3-2: Cape Lookout State Park Landscape 
Map 3-3: Generalized Geology of the Tillamook Region 
Map 3-4: Soils, Cape Lookout State Park 
Map 3-5: Wetlands and Water Features, Cape Lookout Core Area
Map 3-6: Historic Shoreline Erosion, Cape Lookout State Park 
Map 3-7: Future Ocean Flood Scenarios, Cape Lookout Core Area 
Map 3-8: Potential Erosion Due To Catastrophic Events, Cape Lookout Core Area 
Map 3-9: Tsunami Hazard, Cape Lookout Core Area 
Map 3-10: Vegetation Cover Groups & Habitat Types, Cape Lookout State Park 
Map 3-11: Historic Vegetation, Cape Lookout State Park 
Map 3-12: Coarse Vegetation Cover Types, Cape Lookout Core Area 
Map 3-13: Plant Community Conditions, Cape Lookout Core Area 
Map 3-14: Weed Infestations, Cape Lookout Core Area 
Map 3-15: Wildlife Focal Species Areas, Cape Lookout State Park 
Map 3-16: Composite Natural Resource Suitability, Cape Lookout State Park 
Map 3-17: Composite Natural Resource Suitability, Cape Lookout Core Area 
Map 7-1: Opportunities and Constraints, Cape Lookout State Park 
Map 7-2: Opportunities and Constraints, Cape Lookout Core Area 
Map 9-1: Plant Community Restoration Concepts, Cape Lookout Core Area 
Map 10-1: Management Zones, Cape Lookout State Park 
Map 10-2: Management Zones, Cape Lookout Core Area 
Map 10-3: Design Concept 1, Cape Lookout Core Area 
Map 10-4: Design Concept 2, Cape Lookout Core Area 

Newsletters & Hearing Notice
April 2012 Rulemaking Hearing Notice 
Administrative Rule 736-018-0045 
September 2011 Newsletter 
November 2010 Newsletter 

Staff Contact
Please direct questions or comments about the planning process to:
Ron Campbell, Park Master Planner
Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
725 Summer Street N.E., Suite C
Salem, Oregon  97301-1271