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Professional Engineer Registration  $400.00
  • Issuance of a temporary permit under ORS 672.109  $100.00
Professional Land Surveyor Registration  $400.00 
Professional Photogrammetrist Registration  $400.00
  • Issuance of a temporary permit under ORS 672.127  $100.00
Additional Branch Fee  $35.00
Certified Water Right Examiner Examinations and Certification  $200.00


Oregon-Specific Acoustical Examination   $55.00
Oregon-Specific Forest Examination   $55.00
Oregon-Specific 4-hour Land Surveying Examination  $55.00
Oregon-Specific Photogrammetry Examination $55.00


Professional Engineer Biennial Registration Renewal  $230.00
Professional Land Surveyor Biennial Registration Renewal  $230.00
Professional Photogrammetrist Biennial Registration Renewal  $230.00
Certified Water Right Examiner Biennial Registration Renewal  $80.00
Delinquency Renewal (For any part of each biennial registration renewal period during delinquency)  $80.00

Other Fees

Declaration/Issuance of a an intern enrollment number  $35.00
Re-issuance of Professional Wall Certificate  $35.00
Re-issuance of Pocket Card  $10.00
Verification of Certification(s) and/or Registration(s)  $15.00
Issuance of Certificate of Registration under ORS 672.153 (without examination based on experience)  $290.00
Reinstatement for Inactive Registration or Certificate Holder  $50.00
Reinstatement for Retired Registrant or Certificate Holder  $225.00
Re-score of an Oregon-Specific Examination Item  $50.00 

*See OAR 820-010-0505 and OAR 820-080-0010 for a full list of OSBEELS fees.