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Questions of the Week

Top Three Questions for the Week of September 12

  1. "I sent in a document to the Board office. Why hasn't it been marked off the tracker?"
    Answer: We likely have not reached it in our queue for processing. Documents must first be reviewed by a licensing technician to ensure they meet standards before the “document received" box is checked on the application status wizard.  The OSBN has been inundated with endorsement applications since the end of the Governor's COVID declaration, and our technicians are working through them as quickly as possible.  

  2. "How long does it take for a license to be issued?"
    Answer:  We are experiencing an unusually high volume of endorsement applications currently as a result of the end of the Governor's COVID declaration.   We have hired extra staff to deal with the influx, and our licensing technicians are working as quickly as possible.  We cannot predict how long it will take all the required documents to reach our office or how long it will take to process an application.  

  3. "Does the OSBN offer temporary licensure?"
    Answer:  No, but we do offer options for those who have been working in Oregon on an emergency authorization.