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CHS Manager - Public Access

Information is available 24 hours a day to the Public. Facility hazardous substance storage information is available to the Public through the CHS Manager Program. Click the link for registration and user manual information:  CHS Manager reporting and Hazardous Substance Information.

Some information is restricted from the public and is considered Sensitive or Confidential per ORS 453.327 and OAR 837-085-0190. Sensitive information may be released through a public records request, the Oregon State Fire Marshal will require an individual to provide their name, address, and proof of identity, when necessary to protect public safety and welfare. 

Sensitive information

Sensitive information includes hazardous substances with a hazard classification of Explosive, Radioactive, Poisonous Gas or Material and Etiological or Biological. 

Confidential information

Certain information reported by facilities is Confidential in compliance with ORS 453.332 (4) and not released to the public. It is available to first responders and other agencies for emergency planning and preparedness.

Confidential information includes, but not limited to:

  • Exact amount of hazardous substances stored (this information is provided to the public in ranges)
  • Storage location of hazardous substances
  • Trade Secret substances

CR2K Annual Report Data

CR2K publishes an annual report with general information about hazardous substance storage and hazmat incidents.


Hazardous Substance Information Hotline:

503-378-6835 or 800-454-6125


Community Right to Know (CR2K) Helpdesk